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Huge thanks to Ruth Killick at Ruth Killick Publicity for sending me an e-copy of The Scribbler by Iain Maitland.


‘He’s back, Carrie. The Scribbler is back.’

DI Gayther and his rookie colleague DC Carrie have been assigned a new caseload. Or rather, an old one… cold cases of LGBTQ+ murders dating back to the 1980s and beyond. Georgia Carrie wasn’t even born when the notorious serial killer began his reign of terror across the East of England. Roger Gayther was on the force that failed to catch him and remembers every chilling detail. Now, after all these years, there’s a sudden death featuring The Scribbler’s tell-tale modus operandi. Can Gayther and Carrie track the murderer down and bring him to justice before the slaughter starts again?


The Scribbler


What I love about Iain Maitland’s books is the originality of each one, so much so that you will never forget the stories or the characters. This book is no exception, from the quirky contrast between DI Gayther and DC Carrie to the disturbing characters woven into this story that stay and play in your mind way after you finish the book.

Gayther and Carrie are assigned to delve into cold cases, bring them up to date and see if today’s technology can throw any light on them. What they get is a possible link to a recent death that ticks too many similarities to a string of murders that took place before Carrie had been born. That’s when my goose bumps begin.

Gayther and Carrie make an entertaining team with greying Gayther’s references to past music and film comments wasted on the more upbeat DC that is like a race horse raring to go out into the real world instead of wading through tons of paper. They make a pretty good tag team where interviewing goes. What they need to determine is what has triggered this trade mark killer to brutally kill again or if someone has taken on the role of copy cat killer. With the addition to their little team rookies Thomas and Cotton join the investigation.

Wow you are in for some spine chilling moments, which you will have to read about. But OMG you know those moments like when you are going to sneeze and it takes you right to the moment……. then it stops and repeats it over and over until it finally explodes, well reading this book is like that. You loose control you can’t stop that feeling of pure adrenaline filled dread over and over until the flood gate goes. It is heart breaking, shocking, no way that just happened stuff that knocks the wind out of you.

This is a twisty, edgy, perfect read where I felt I had run a marathon. Wowie, wowzer!!! And this is a new series!!!!!! What can top this? No doubt Mr. Maitland will.

I wish to thank Ruth Killick for an e-copy of this book which I have reviewed honestly


Iain Maitland

Hello and thanks for dropping by.

Well, here we are in lockdown- strange and troubling times for so many people. As a writer of 30 = years sitting in my attic from 9 to 5 most days, it’s something I’m used to. I’ve … not … gone … mad.

The past few years, I’ve been writing thrillers and it’s strange how much of a theme ‘lockdown’ is through each of them.

In Sweet william, Raymond Orrey, a man who has been up in a psychiatric unit for months on end, breaks out and goes searching for his fostered child, William – he wants to re-unite with him and run away to start a new life together in the /south of France.

Mr Todd’s Reckoning sees unemployed father and son, Malcolm and Adrian Todd, living

in a small, cramped bungalow during one of the hottest summers on record – and it’s driving one of them insane. (Please to say this book has been optioned for a TV series by AbbottVision, makers of Cracker and Shameless.)

My latest thriller, The Scribbler, the first in a series of Gayther & Carrie detective novels, features a serial killer who well, I’d best not say too much. What I can say is that The Scribbler killed a series of gay men through the late 1980s and early 1990s. Gayther and Carrie lead the LGBTQ + Cold Cases Team in Suffolk and there’s been a new death featuring The Scribbler’s modus operandi.

So I am sitting here in my attic room now, writing 3 Bluebell Lane featuring a middle-aged man, a homeless teenager girl and a cellar. Lockdown again. After that, I’m writing two or three sequels featuring some of the characters in Mr Todd’s Reckoning and three Gayther & Carrie sequels too; The Key Man is up next.

Twitter: @iainmaitland

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