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A Game Called Payback by [Svolgart, Martin]


The case of a sixteen-year-old boy found hung by the neck over the roof of his own car sparks a memory that Matt Byron has spent years working his way through. He even thought he’d managed.

Getting a new partner with that case—a partner hauling his own ghosts from the past into it—proves Matt wrong.

What initially looked like just another case of a child being harmed soon offers up aspects of the two men’s past. To solve the case, they need to solve their own unfinished business.

For a man as unapproachable as Matt Byron, who’s scared away more partners than anyone else, he needs to draw on all his resources to see it through.


A Game Called Payback


Detective Matt Byron doesn’t suffer fools gladly and won’t put up with anything less than 100% commitment from his partner, hence he hasn’t had one that has lasted the distance with him yet. Bets are on among his fellow officers when Tyler Samson arrives and the two are sent out to check on a suicide of a young man that appears to have hung himself in the woods. It isn’t long before a terrible case of suicide turns into a horrific investigation into one of murder.

Finding out about the victim’s home life is in itself quite heartbreaking, at 16 years old he should have had his whole life in front of him. The yin and yang detectives are opposite sides on the coin where life experience on this case falls, bringing the perfect balance to see the whole picture from every angle.

The story takes you into the depths of hurt and frustrating, being a victim and becoming what you hate the most. Human nature and consequences. The author makes his characters quite visual to the reader, with stories that fall back into the past from the main players. There are triggers of bullying, abuse and rape so not a book for everyone.

This is the debut novel of this author.


Martin Svolgart has a fascination for humans. What drives them, makes them, breaks them. What can bring out the worst in a person? What can bring out the best?

He doesn’t believe in a world of black and white. The human eye can detect 256 shades of gray. Instead, he believes the answer to what is good and what is evil is to be explored within those nuances.

His protagonists are never just good, and his antagonists are never just evil.

He loves exploring what makes them one or the other. Especially, he loves looking into what can make them change, grow, and evolve. In which direction that may go is of course one of the interesting questions to be explored.


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A Game Called Payback by [Svolgart, Martin]

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