Vagabonds by Hao Jingfang, Ken Liu (Translator) @HoZ_Books @midaspr #ScienceFiction #BookReview

Firstly I wish to thank Amber Choudhary of Midaspr for a copy of this book for the Blog Tour in April 2020, unfortunately, due to work commitments, I had to withdraw until the world got to be a little bit more like normal. So finally I can share with you my review for this book.

Vagabonds by [Jingfang, Hao]


The first novel from the Hugo Award-winning author of ‘Folding Beijing’, translated by Ken Liu.

Can the void between two worlds be bridged?
AD2201. Just over a century ago, the Martian colonies declared their independence. After a brief conflict, Earth and Mars cut ties, carving separate trajectories into the future, viewing each other with suspicion and even hatred. Five years ago, a group of Martian students were sent to Earth as goodwill ambassadors from the Red Planet. Now the young men and women are coming home, escorting a delegation of prominent Terrans to see if the two worlds can bridge the void that has opened up between them.

Almost immediately, negotiations break down and old enmities erupt.

How do you escape the gravity of the past?
Luoying, one of the returning Martians, is caught amidst the political intrigue and philosophical warfare. Martians and Terrans, old friends and new mentors, statesmen and revolutionaries – everything and everyone challenges her, pushing her to declare her allegiance. Torn between her native land and the world on which she came of age, Luoying must discover the truth amid a web of lies spun by both sides, she must chart a course between history and the future, or face the destruction of everything she’s ever loved.




This is one huge story of over 600 pages, written by Hao Jingfang and translated by Ken Liu. The story begins in 2201AD when Earth and the estranged colony of Mars attempt to make peace. Both planets are run very differently to each other, they have different values about their people, wealth and culture.

Five years had now past since a group of martian students had been sent to earth to study and now were returning back to Mars along with a delegation of Terrans to see if bridges could be mended between the two. Since the break between the two planets, the differences between the two had become even further away from each other.

I loved reading about both the planets and the way in which the people from each one thought and behaved. In so many ways the people who lived on Mars had an innocence about them that was at times childlike. There were huge secrets that had been pushed under the carpet but after living on Earth for five years the students that returned had come back with a new restless determination to want some answers and have a say in their own futures.

This is quite a slow burn read that compels you to keep going with the last 100 or so pages turning everything on its head and revealing all the answers that you need. The story at times feels overwhelming with so many characters but it does settle down to the ones that you need.

I wish to thank Amber Choudhary at Midas PR for sending me a copy of this book which I have reviewed honestly.


Hao Jingfang

From Clarkesworld magazine:
In 2002, Hao Jingfang was awarded the First Prize in the New Concept Writing Competition. She gained her undergraduate degree from Tsinghua University’s Department of Physics and her Ph.D. from the same university in Economics and Management in 2012. Her fiction has appeared in various publications, including Mengya, Science Fiction World and ZUI Found. She has published two full-length novels, Wandering Maearth and Return to Charon; a book of cultural essarys, Europe in Time; and the short story collection, Star Travellers. Her fiction has appeared before in English translation in Lightspeed and Uncanny.

Vagabonds by [Jingfang, Hao]

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