Great Expectations an old book by Charles Dickens with doodles by Jack Noel @jackdraws #BooksForKids #ClassicsForKids #NewSeries


OLD books get NEW doodles – it’s the classics as you’ve never seen them before!

A hilarious new series that brings the classics to life with illustrations by Jack Noel. Perfect for fans of Tom Gates, Wimpy Kid and Dav Pilkey. And Charles Dickens.


Ten-year-old Pip gets the fright of his life when he meets an escaped convict in a spooky graveyard. And that’s just the beginning of an adventure that will lead him to a house full of secrets, a strange old lady and a journey to the big city to seek his fortune. But Pip is in for a BIG surprise . . .

Join Pip in a rip-roaring story of family secrets, scary grannies and a REALLY annoying big sister in COMIC CLASSICS: GREAT EXPECTATIONS by Charles Dickens and Jack Noel.


Comic Classics: Great Expectations


What a fabulous way to get kids into Charles Dickens books. I loved Charles Dickens when I was a nipper but the subjects that they cover can be quite heavy. Jack Noel has changed that with his modern approach which includes his brilliant artwork and modern equivalent explanations to words and situations that are in the book. What I really love is that Jack Noel never changes the way that the original was written by Dickens he has just made it more appealing to a  much larger audience.

There are even little memory joggers when a character has made a brief appearance earlier in the book and then comes back into the story much further in the story. Like, Do you remember him on page 16? I really had to laugh at some of the comparisons, it is all so very entertaining. Although this story has been lightened in so many amazing ways it still has those heart-thumping moments too and the grim reality of the harsh living conditions of the time.

This is a brilliant start to what I can only see as being a real hit with young readers. If readers enjoy books by David Walliams then do give this a go. There are further books coming too, Treasure Island and Hound of the Baskervilles. An excellent start!


Charles Dickens, Great Expectations, Jack Noel, Comic Classics, Classic books for Children

Jack Noel is a Jack of three trades: author, illustrator, designer, who works mainly on children’s books and is a co-host on the Down the Rabbit Hole children’s books podcast. In 1986 he won the Brighton Cooperative Beautiful Baby competition. Now Jack lives in London with his family and enjoys doodling in books belonging to dead Victorian gentlemen. One day he tweeted some spreads of Great Expectations in a funny middle grade style, and the rest is history!


Twitter: @jackdraws


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