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The Cancer Ladies’ Running Club: The most emotional and uplifting novel of summer 2020 by [Lloyd, Josie]


Sometimes we need our friends to help us find our feet…

When Keira receives her breast cancer diagnosis she doesn’t want to have to tell her children or her husband Tom, and she doesn’t want to step back from work. She doesn’t want to sit in a hospital and stare mortality in the face, nor be part of a group of fellow cancer patients. Cancer is not her club.

But, as she is forced to accept everything must change and her health becomes something she can’t rely on, Keira finds herself embracing running. Hot, sweaty running in the company of a group of brilliant, funny women each going through treatment.

Because the C-word is not going to define Keira’s identity. And with the Cancer Ladies’ Running Club cheering her on, she is going to reclaim her life. One step at a time.

Moving and uplifting, this is a novel about love, family and the power of finding your tribe.


The Cancer Ladies’ Running Club: The most emotional and uplifting novel of summer 2020


This is very much a heart on her sleeve story from this author, with her deepest feelings and emotions laid to bare and it is wound around the fictional inspirational characters in the book.

Keira is married with a couple of kids and runs her growing successful business with a few friends and employees. Life is hectic and busy. When she is told by her doctor that she has cancer her world seems to crash down around her. She doesn’t want to be a cancer victim bunched with other cancer victims and she certainly doesn’t want to be part of any support group. It seems like either people take over some aspects of her life like she hasn’t a mind of her own any more or think she should pull herself together. One thing is for sure, friends, work colleagues and family have changed and treat her differently.

When she meets another lady by chance out running and forms a friendship with her, everything changes. Her own pre-judgements of fellow patients with cancer couldn’t have been more wrong. The two friends soon become more.

There is so much going off in this story as it brings out the best and worst in people round Keira. The feelings of people close to her and her own. Not wanting people to treat you different isn’t the same as needing to know that someone is there for you and friends have your back. It seems that their worlds are still going on and it just won’t let Keira get back on board.

This is a very inspirational story, from the gritty facts about the operation she had to the raw feelings that aren’t sweetened up. It isn’t a survivors club by any means, it is a bunch of women that won’t go down without a fight. Superb writing!

I wish to thank NetGalley and the publisher for an e-copy of this book, which I have reviewed honestly.


Josie Lloyd worked as a copy writer and a waitress before writing her first novel, IT COULD BE YOU. Through her agent, she met a fellow first-time novelist, Emlyn Rees and together they wrote the Sunday Times bestseller COME TOGETHER. They went on to write seven more novels together, got married and now live in Brighton with their three kids.

Still writing together, they pen parodies of their favourite children’s books, including WE’RE GOING ON A BAR HUNT, THE VERY HUNGOVER CATERPILLAR, THE TEENAGER WHO CAME TO TEA and ‘TWAS THE FIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS. Their most recent parody is SHABBY: THE JOLLY GOOD BRITISH GUIDE TO STRESS-FREE LIVING.

Josie also writes female commercial fiction under the married name of Joanna Rees. Her books are fans of Jackie Collins, Danielle Steel, Sidney Sheldon and Lesley Pearse. These include THE TIDES OF CHANGE, IN THE SHADE OF THE BLOSSOM TREE, A TWIST OF FATE, THE KEY TO IT ALL and THE GIRL FROM LACE ISLAND, which Heat magazine described as:

“It’s classic Jackie Collins territory, by which we mean it’s freakin’ ace. Pack it in your hand luggage and expect to spend a day of your summer hols reading…and refusing all food, drink and conversation.”


Twitter: @JosieLloydbooks


The Cancer Ladies’ Running Club: The most emotional and uplifting novel of summer 2020 by [Lloyd, Josie]

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