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Firstly I wish to thank Tracy Fenton of Compulsive Readers for inviting me on the Blog Tour for Mine by Clare Empson

Mine by [Empson, Clare]


‘A beautifully told stroy about the raw pain and ecstasy of motherhood. I loved it.’ Jane Corry

‘I adored this powerful, emotive and sensitively written story about love and loss/’ Louise Jensen

‘Haunting and heart-rending … a beautifully told story’ Victoria Selman


‘Who am I? Why am I here? Why did my mother give me away?’

On the surface, Luke and his girlfriend Hannah seem to have a perfect life. He’s an A&R man, she’s an arts correspondent and they are devoted to their new-born son Samuel.

But beneath the gloss Luke has always felt like an outsider. So when he finds his birth mother Alice, the instant connection with her is a little like falling in love.

When Hannah goes back to work, Luke asks Alice to look after their son. But Alice – fuelled with grief from when her baby was taken from her 27 years ago – starts to fall in love with Samuel. And Luke won’t settle for his mother pushing him aside once again…




I think that there is a need in all of us to know about our parents and their parents before them. It gives us stability. This was brought home even more to Luke when he and his girlfriend Hannah have a son themselves. Luke had been adopted as a baby and always felt out of sorts with it. Now knowing how strong his own feelings were for his son he needed to find out how his own mother could have given him up.

Luke now 28 years old finds his beautiful 47-year-old mother Alice and a sort of relationship begins to develop between her and Luke, Hannah and baby Samuel. The connection between Alice and Samuel is instant so when Hannah has to return to work it is Alice that takes on the role of carer. Luke also meets his father but there are more secrets and lies to uncover yet.

The story bounces between Alice’s story of her home life to having her baby and the constant churning and changing feelings that Luke is experiencing. There are so many underlining stories that just made me read the last quarter of the book with pure dread. This is an absolute belting story that covers so many issues. Something happened in the book that I knew would be a game-changer and it put tension into every single page that came after it. This story will simply rip you apart and stay with you. I won’t ever forget.

I wish to thank NetGalley and the publisher for an e-copy of this book which I have reviewed honestly.


Clare Empson

Clare Empson is a journalist with a background in national newspapers and has worked as a small business editor, finance correspondent and fashion at the Mail on Sunday and the Daily Express. Clare freelances for The Sunday Telegraph, The Sunday Times, the Evening Standard and Tatler amongst others. She currently works as editor/founder of experiential lifestyle website http://www.countrycalling.co.uk. Him is her debut novel. Her second novel Mine is an exploration of the fraught relationship between a birth mother and her adopted son set against a backdrop of a passionate love affair in the 70s. Mine will be available August 2019.


Twitter: @ClareEmpson2






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