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Firstly I wish to thank Sarah Hardy of Book on the Bright Side Publicity & Promo for inviting me on the Blog Tour for Endless Silent Scream by Tony J Forder.

Endless Silent Scream (DI Bliss Book 6) by [Forder, Tony J]


From the author of the bestselling DI Bliss crime series comes another gripping police procedural thriller that will have readers hooked from the stunning first page to the very last.

He saved her life once. Can he do it again?

When DI Bliss prevents fifteen-year-old Molly from jumping off the roof of a tall building, he has no idea how deeply she will impact on his life. After learning that the girl is a drugs courier, Bliss realises she is in great danger. As he struggles to have Molly relocated, a local drug dealer and an enforcer sent by the supplier, have other plans for her.

After the remains of a freelance journalist are discovered, an old flame comes back into Bliss’s life. With the clock ticking down, he realises it’s only a matter of time before reports emerge linking the murdered journalist with the police, putting added pressure on the Major Crimes team to find the killer – even if it’s one of their own.

With Bliss torn between the two investigations, he becomes increasingly desperate to move Molly to safety before she can be silenced. But with his focus on saving the girl for a second time, Bliss is blinded to other dangers…


Endless Silent Scream (DI Bliss Book 6)


Well, when something cracks off DI Bliss doesn’t do things by half, no he goes and jumps into a situation up to his neck. He is never really off duty so when a call comes through that a young girl is about to jump from a building he is first on the scene. Scared, cold and injured the girl sees no other way out, that is until Bliss gets a bit radical. He is quite something to see in action, and yes I did say see because Tony Forder makes his characters real. Having read the previous five books in this series I know Bliss like he was kin.

Molly really is in the thick of it and Bliss is the only one that she will trust. As the story begins to emerge of why she was going to jump the whole thing makes Bliss highly protective of the young girl but until she begins to get honest with them there is little he can do.

I loved the relationship that developed between Bliss and Molly as the dangers begin to leap from the pages as the players get bigger and danger for more than Molly becomes all-consuming for everyone involved. It is like the bad guys just don’t give a damn about anyone that steps in their way, fail and it just isn’t acceptable. There are some really dreadful moments that just blew me away.

Alongside the main event, the discovery of a body from the past may solve one problem but boy does it multiply into a cesspool of trouble, as Bliss has to go back into his past and do some uncomfortable digging himself.

This series just gets stronger and stronger with every book and believe me it was at the top of its league before. I don’t know where it is all going but I know I am going with it. Just superb!



Tony J Forder is the author of the bestselling crime thriller series featuring detectives Jimmy Bliss and Penny Chandler. The first four books, Bad to the Bone, The Scent of GuiltIf Fear Wins, and The Reach of Shadows, were joined by The Death of Justice, on 9 September 2019. Book number six, Endless Silent Scream, will be published on 9 March 2020.
Tony’s dark, psychological crime thriller, Degrees of Darkness, featuring ex-detective Frank Rogers, was also published by Bloodhound Books. This is a stand-alone serial-killer novel. Scream Blue Murder, an action-adventure thrillerwas published in November 2017, and received praise from many, including fellow authors Mason Cross, Matt Hilton and Anita Waller. The sequel, Cold Winter Sun, was published in November 2018.

Tony lives with his wife in Peterborough, UK, and is now a full-time author. He is currently editing a new novel, and has also started on Bliss #7, Slow Slicing.


Website: https://www.tonyjforder.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tonyjforder/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TonyJForder @TonyJForder

Amazon Author: https://www.amazon.co.uk/l/B01N4BPT65

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/16166122.Tony_J_Forder

Fantastic Fiction: https://www.fantasticfiction.com/f/tony-j-forder/

Tony can also be found on Instagram.


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