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2059. The world has stopped turning.

One half suffers an endless frozen night; the other, nothing but burning sun.

Only in a slim twilit region can life survive.

In an isolationist Britain, Ellen Hopper receives a letter from a dying man.

It contains a powerful and dangerous secret.

One that those in power will kill to conceal…


The Last Day


The Year is 2059 and most of our planet is dead, along with the majority of the population. The big shock for me had been that we hadn’t been the cause of the world disaster that had happened but there was time for us still to mess up and finish the job, we are far from being fast learners.

Britain had survived while almost half the plant sat in frozen darkness permanently while almost the other half was in the permanent scorching sun after the earth stopped rotating. Ellen Hooper worked off the coast on the oil rigs testing and gathering water and fish samples that could give some indication to how long the world could survive and sustain the ones that were left.

Ellen isn’t a people person, with no-one she calls a friend and family she rarely sees. When the rare sight of a helicopter arrives, it is for her. Two officials require her to return to the mainland and talk to her former university lecturer and mentor who is dying. All very strange.

The author creates a land where technology is a thing of the past, rationing is a way of life and a heavy-handed government that can do little to control the population that is left. Britain had been to go to place after the disaster, making the small island overcrowded and unsustainable.

The story turns into one of espionage and political thriller as the race to find something that could change world history again but those that don’t have it don’t know where it is and those that do don’t know what it is. The clock is ticking and the race is on.

A brilliant storyline with strong characters, shocking but not unbelievable. Liked the end, there could be another book someday.

I wish to thank NetGalley and the publisher for an e-copy of this book which I have reviewed honestly.


Andrew Hunter Murray

I’m Andrew Hunter Murray, a writer and journalist from London. My first novel is published in February 2020 – it’s a thriller set in a world which has spun to a halt, bringing civilisation to the brink of collapse. It’s called The Last Day – I hope you like the sound of it.

Outside my work writing fiction, I work for the TV show QI, as one of the ‘Elves’ finding out Quite Interesting facts about everything under the sun. I also co-host the podcast No Such Thing As A Fish, and write jokes and journalism for Private Eye, the UK’s leading satirical magazine. No Such Thing As A Fish has also led to a spin-off TV series, No Such Thing As The News, and three books co-written with my colleagues on the show – the Book Of The Year, The Book Of The Year 2018, and the Book Of The Year 2019.

I live in London, in a small flat with large bookshelves, and I’m already working away on the next novel idea…


Twitter: @andrewhunterm

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