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The Light of Love pours down on Frilly. It shines so brightly that she quails and runs away.  Upset with herself for feeling scared, she wakes her good friend Mawson and pours out her confusions. She wants to learn how to be bold and is convinced that she can do this by going on a quest.  With muddled help from Mawson she sets off into the great Out There. But is a quest to find oneself really the answer?


She Ran Away From Love


This is the second beautifully illustrated book by Mawson that is set out like a child’s book but is aimed at adults that are finding certain areas of life difficult to cope with. This book deals with love.

Mawson is the wisest bear of them all but he still doesn’t know all the answers to life’s problems but he is always there to support his friends when they need reassurance. Each page brings with it lovely scenes that have been created in photos of Mawson and Frilly in different settings.

The text is minimal, a question, a rhyme, just a feeling from Frilly. Some make you smile, some are sad and others bring hope and understanding. Frilly doesn’t find all the answers but no-one ever does. It lets you know that you are not alone.

Frilly’s quest takes her in many directions, to a peaceful place to think, painting to express herself through art, meditation and writing down her feelings in a journal. The books aren’t daunting, not long and very friendly. Sometimes the simplest approach is the one that gets through to someone who is struggling.

I wish to thank the author for an e-copy of this book which I have reviewed honestly.



Mawson, the big hearted, soul searching teddy bear, is here to help. He is one of this bright world’s few Writer-Bears. He speaks about Being One’s Best in an often baffling world.

A modest bear of generous proportions, he is often muddled about things (well, he is a bear). But he is always confident that things are going to turn out All Right.

In ‘It’s A Bright World To Feel Lost In’, Mawson ponders about loss, love and hope. When you are left all alone, what do you do? Can you go on being you when you don’t know who to be You for? (

In “She Ran Away From Love” Mawson helps Frilly in her quest for answers to big questions. Will nervous Frilly become brave enough to face the Light of Love?


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It's a Bright World to Feel Lost In Paperback

It’s a Bright World to Feel Lost In


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