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Yardbreaker by [Baines, Shaun]


‘A gritty and gripping thriller … Woodcutter puts Shaun Baines on the map.’ Thomas Waugh

Daniel Dayton, a reluctant Newcastle gangster, is hired by Sophia, a mother who is not what she seems. She pays Daniel to find her troubled daughter – and then disappears herself.

Daniel seeks help from a disparate biker gang who have a turbulent history with the Daytons. When one of their crew is kidnapped, they join forces with Daniel and discover a network of criminals working in secret.

But Daniel has a secret of his own; one he is determined to hide from his friend, Bronson – the Dayton consigliere whose loyalty is being tested by Daniel’s silence.

Bronson is attacked by a teenage gang and Daniel blames himself. When confronting their leader, Hannah, he discovers she is a key figure behind the missing children.

When more children disappear, Daniel finds loyalty is only skin deep and his enemy was closer than he thought.

Daniel must fight on several fronts, to uncover the truth – and stay alive.

Praise for Shaun Baines and the Daniel Dayton series:

‘Gritty thriller delving into the underbelly of the north east.’ KA Richardson

Shaun Baines is also the author of Woodcutter and Pallbearer. He lives in the North East.




This is the third book in this series and I would say to read them all to really grasp the story to its fullest. Yes, the past is mentioned and briefly explained but really you should experience the extent of what has happened before.

Daniel Dayton is holding some pretty heavy secrets about himself close to his chest. Things that could turn his and his daughter’s world upside down. Now his daughter is an entity all to herself, to be honest, she scares the hell out of me.

When Dayton gets a visit from a mysterious woman she tells him a story that gets his attention but there is something not quite right about the whole situation. Kids are going missing off the street, tough kids that can look after themselves but everyone is too frightened to talk. Dayton has to make a deal with a gang of youths in the mix of it all to try and find out where these kids are being held and why?

Nothing is ever as it seems with very unexpected double-crosses and messed up kids. The story has a lot of characters in it where you can, if you aren’t concentrating, lose track of who is the bad guys and who is even worse than them. And Bronson, wow!

Another graphic read from this author, who always delivers the goods.


Shaun Baines

I grew up in South Shields, a coastal town in the north-east of England. It is also home to a thousand pasty stealing seagulls. When I wasn’t playing on my ZX Spectrum, I was in the library reading non-age appropriate books.

I studied English Literature at Liverpool John Moores university. My Dad says, I went there a boy and came back a man. What he doesn’t know is how and I’m not about to tell him.

I had a number of soul destroying jobs – door-to-door salesman, statistician, buyer of manufacturing equipment I could barely pronounce. Tired of wearing a shirt and tie to work, I started a gardening business where shorts and grubby T-shirts became mandatory.

It wasn’t until I moved to Scotland, that my love of reading gravitated into one of writing. My main interest is in crime fiction, from hard-boiled noir to cosy mysteries.


Twitter: @Littlehavenfarm


Yardbreaker by [Baines, Shaun]

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