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Firstly I wish to thank Tracy Fenton of Compulsive Readers for inviting me on the BlogTour for Hitler’s Secret by Rory Clements

Hitler's Secret: The most explosive spy thriller of the year by [Clements, Rory]


The most anticipated spy thriller of 2020, from the Sunday Times bestselling author of Corpus.

Autumn 1941. The war is going badly for Britain and its allies. If Hitler is to be stopped, a new weapon is desperately needed.

In Cambridge, professor Tom Wilde is approached by an American intelligence officer who claims to know of such a weapon – one so secret even Hitler himself isn’t aware of its existence. If Wilde can smuggle the package out of Germany, the Third Reich will surely fall.

But it is only when he is deep behind enemy lines that Wilde discovers why the Nazis are so desperate to prevent the ‘package’ falling into Allied hands. And as ruthless killers hunt him through Europe, a treacherous question hangs over the mission: if Hitler’s secret will win them the war, why is Wilde convinced it must remain hidden?

Dramatic, intelligent, and utterly compelling, Hitler’s Secret is the breakout spy thriller of the year from the award-winning author of Corpus and Nucleus – perfect for readers of Robert Harris, C J Sansom and Joseph Kanon.


Hitler’s Secret: The most explosive spy thriller of the year


This is part of the Tom Wilde series, although it was my first outing with him. Tom Wilde is a Cambridge History Professor and the setting for this story is Autumn 1941.

The war isn’t going particularly well for us against Germany so when an American Intelligence Officer approaches Tom, he persuades him that he is the right man to travel to Germany and retrieve a package, one that has been well hidden for the last ten years. The package is a game-changer that even Hitler is unaware of. Tom is given a new identity and says farewell to his wife Lydia and young son.

As soon as Tom sets his foot on Germany soil the story becomes one almighty intense hold your breath adrenaline rush. He speaks some German and some French but neither enough to be a native of either country. His accomplice in Germany is a fabulous character. Meanwhile, Bormann, Hitler’s righthand man who is feared by anyone that knows him and those that only know his name, is also trying to get to the package at the same time. His psycho thugs enjoy their work a little too much, in order to get the information that they need.

What an absolutely top-class book this is, Tom Wilde is a superb character, a truly good guy that just doesn’t follow an order because it came from the side he is fighting for, he is a rebel that does the right thing. The story doesn’t lose its high level of action after he leaves Germany but follows him home to Britain. Heart in my mouth moments increased on every turn of the pages. Brilliant ending.

I have been left wanting more from this author and Tom Wilde so the good thing about coming in at the fourth book is I have three more to go at. Very highly recommended.


Rory Clements

Rory Clements is the bestselling author of the Tom Wilde series of mid-20th century historical spy thrillers and the John Shakespeare series set in Elizabethan England. He has won the Crime Writers’ Association Historical Fiction Award twice – in 2010 for Revenger and in 2018 for Nucleus. He lives and works in an ancient farmhouse in quiet rural Norfolk, England


Twitter: @RoryClements6






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