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Mysterious deaths, countless lies, and a shocking conspiracy. The Will to Die is everything fans are looking for…and more.

“A thoroughly modern thriller that sucks you in and holds you tight, The Will to Die is a roller coaster ride from beginning to end.”Jay Baer, New York Times Best-Selling Author

In an exhaustive hunt for the truth behind a rash of unexplained deaths in a small town, including that of his own father, what Will Pollitt begins to uncover threatens everything — and puts his own life in the cross hairs.

Are his father’s lies what killed him?

What else will he stir up in the murky depths of a life he thought he knew?

The Will to Die is best-selling non-fiction author and content marketing guru Joe Pulizzi’s debut novel — written at the request of his wife, a die-hard thriller fan.

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The Will to Die: A Novel of Suspense (Murder in a Small Town), a Thriller (Will Pollitt Book 1)


This is the author’s first steps into the fictional world of writing and he has achieved it magnificently. When Will Pollitt returns to his home town it is to arrange his father’s burial but what makes it even harder is that he had committed suicide in his office. This was really hard for him to accept because his father had been a strong believer in an afterlife so taking his own life should have been a massive no, no.

Oh boy, what a story this turns out to be, whipped up from current day trends it feels all too plausible. Talk about putting that cold rush through your body from top to toe, well it gives you that. Will knows something is just not right so he begins his own digging which soon gets attention.

The story is laced with one line humour, that had me laughing chapter after chapter, which is always a winner with me. When things begin to be pieced together by Will it really knocked me sideways. This game of Cluedo holds something much bigger than I ever thought it would be. Brilliant characters keep the plot moving at an incredible pace and all brought together in a perfect ending. Hope to see more of Will in the future.

I wish to thank the author for providing an e-copy of his book, which I have reviewed honestly.


Joe Pulizzi

Joe Pulizzi is the original content marketing evangelist, and started using the term “content marketing” back in 2001. He’s the founder of the Content Marketing Institute, the leading content marketing educational resource for enterprise brands. CMI has done strategic consulting and research for some of the best known brands in the world (Like AT&T, Petco, LinkedIn, SAP). The Content Marketing Institute hosts the largest in-person international content marketing event, Content Marketing World. CMI also publishes the Chief Content Officer magazine.

Joe has spoken at more than 200 locations and 10 countries advancing the practice of content marketing. He’s been featured in leading marketing publications and blogs around the world including AdWeek,BtoB Magazine and Fast Company.

Joe is also co-author of two highly praised content marketing books Managing Content Marketing, and Get Content Get Customers (McGraw-Hill), which helps teach businesses why and how to create their own compelling content to drive their businesses. Get Content Get Customers has been called THE handbook for content marketing.

He has also been honored with numerous awards and accolades including “Custom Media Innovator of the Year” by American Business Media, voted “Who’s Who in Media Business” by BtoB Magazine, named a Folio: 40, and recognized as the “Most Influential Content Strategist” by Lavacon.

Joe also writes one of the most popular content marketing blogs in the world. And he’s overly passionate about the color orange.


Twitter: @JoePulizzi


The Will to Die: A Novel of Suspense (Murder in a Small Town), a Thriller (Will Pollitt Book 1) by [Pulizzi, Joe]

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