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Firstly I wish to thank Amber Choudhary of Midas PR for inviting me on the Blog Tour for The Other You by J. S. Monroe

The Other You: a gripping and addictive new thriller for 2020 by [Monroe, J.S.]


‘Brilliantly original and intriguing … Kept me hooked, enthralled and guessing to the very end’ Peter James.

‘A pacy, powerful psychological thriller that throws up questions on every page’ Mari Hannah.


Is he who you think he is?

Kate used to be good at recognising people. So good, she worked for the police, identifying criminals in crowds of thousands. But six months ago, a devastating car accident led to a brain injury. Now the woman who never forgot a face can barely recognise herself in the mirror.

At least she has Rob. Kate met him just after her accident, and he nursed her back to health in his high-tech modernist house on the Cornish coast. When she’s with him, the nightmares of the accident fade, and she feels safe and loved.

Until, one day, she looks at Rob anew – and knows, with absolute certainty, that he has been replaced by an impostor. Is she right? Have her old recognition skills returned? Or is it all in her damaged mind?

This intricate, original and emotionally charged psychological thriller is perfect for fans of J.P. Delaney and Louise Candlish.


The Other You: a gripping and addictive new thriller for 2020


This was a stunning read, totally gripping, unpredictable and very original and although it is just the beginning of the year it will take a lot of beating.

It is six months since Kate had a horrific car accident which had taken away her unusual gift of being one of the top facial recognition people in the world. With help from Rob, a self-made millionaire, that she met while she was in the hospital and now lives with, it is showing signs of returning. Kate had worked with the police on high profile cases for a year leading up to the accident but had no intention of ever returning to it, even if she did make a full recovery. Her twelve year-long relationship had ended when she spotted her partner Jake on CCTV on the same day her accident occurred.

Rob was the perfect partner, attentive, loving, and a genius where technology had been concerned, becoming a millionaire at only 21. Now at 29, he had a thriving business and three multimillion-pound properties in England and France. Only a few weeks before Rob had told her about his fear. He had met a guy, years before in Thailand, that had been his spitting image, his doppelganger, who told him that one day he would take over his life and soul. It seemed that the day had come when Kate began to get her gift back because she looked into his face and knew it wasn’t Rob, it was an imposter.

The story alternates between three of the characters, Kate, her ex-partner Jake and DI Silas Hart, who had headed the facial recognition unit where Kate had worked. Bex, Kate’s best friend, DC Strover Hart’s partner and Rob rank very highly in the book. This makes the story so easy to follow as it isn’t weighed down with unnecessary sidelines that over-complicate the real story. The pace is incredibly fast, with a feel of urgency and dread as each short chapter takes another step towards the truth. The technology in the story made me take a breath and wow at each incredible ‘tomorrows world’ gadget, in Rob’s properties, even with their teething troubles…………..

The characters just sprang to life to become real to me, making my heart race, my skin calmy and a feeling of wanting to know the end but not wanting these characters stories to end when I closed the book on the last page. And what an end! Very highly recommended read from me.

I wish to thank Amber Choudhary of Midas PR for inviting me on this tour and the publisher for a copy of this book which I have reviewed honestly.




J.S. Monroe read English at Cambridge, worked as a foreign correspondent in Delhi, and was Weekend editor of the Daily Telegraph in London before becoming a full-time writer. His psychological thriller Find Me became a bestseller in 2017, and, under the name Jon Stock, he is also the author of five spy thrillers. He lives in Wiltshire, with his wife and children.

After reading English at Magdalene College, Cambridge, Jon worked as a freelance journalist in London, writing features for most of Britain’s national newspapers, as well as contributing to BBC Radio 4. He was also chosen for Carlton TV’s acclaimed screenwriters course. In 1995 he lived in Kochi in Kerala, where he worked on the staff of India’s The Week magazine. Between 1998 and 2000, he was a foreign correspondent in Delhi, writing for the Daily Telegraph, South China Morning Post and the Singapore Straits Times. He also wrote the Last Word column in The Week magazine from 1995 to 2012.

On his return to Britain in 2000, Monroe worked on various Saturday sections of the Telegraph before taking up a staff job as editor of its flagship Weekend section in 2005, which he oversaw for five years. He left Weekend and the Telegraph in 2010 to finish writing his Daniel Marchant trilogy (under the name Jon Stock) and returned to the Telegraph in February 2013 to oversee the Telegraph’s digital books channel. In May 2014 he was promoted to Executive Head of Weekend and Living, editing the paper’s Saturday and Sunday print supplements, as well as a range of digital lifestyle channels. He left the paper in October 2015 to resume his thriller-writing career.

His first novel, The Riot Act, published by Serpent’s Tail, was launched on the top floor of Canary Wharf tower in 1997. The book was shortlisted by the Crime Writers’ Association for its best first novel award and was subsequently published by Gallimard in France as part of its acclaimed Serie Noir. The Sunday Times called it a “darkly sparkling crime thriller”. The Cardamom Club was published in 2003 by Blackamber (now Arcadia Books) in Britain and by Penguin in India. It was hailed by the travel writer William Dalrymple as a “witty, fast-moving, cleverly plotted espionage romp”.

Dead Spy Running, his third novel and the first in the Daniel Marchant (or ‘Legoland’) trilogy, was published by HarperCollins (Blue Door) in 2009 and has been translated into five languages. It follows Daniel Marchant, a young MI6 officer, as he tries to clear the name of his disgraced father, the former Chief of MI6. The sequel, Games Traitors Play, was published in 2011, and the final part of the trilogy, Dirty Little Secret, was published in 2012.

Warner Brothers bought the film rights to the trilogy in 2009, hiring Oscar-winner Stephen Gaghan (Traffic, Syriana) to write the screenplay for Dead Spy Running, which went into development with McG (Terminator IV, Charlie’s Angels, This Means War) and Kevin McCormick (Gangster Squad) producing. Jamie Moss worked on Gaghan’s script, followed by Simon Barrett, with Adam Wingard attached to direct.

In 2014, the film rights to Dead Spy Running were bought by Wonderland Sound and Vision, McG’s own production company.

In 2017, Jon was commissioned by The Nare, a luxury hotel in Cornwall, to write a spy novella set in and around the hotel, which is located on the Roseland Peninsula. To Snare A Spy is available to buy from the hotel.


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