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Gravity Is the Thing by [Moriarty, Jaclyn]


Twenty years ago, Abigail Sorenson’s brother Robert went missing one day before her sixteenth birthday, never to be seen again. That same year, she began receiving scattered chapters in the mail from a mysterious guidebook, whose anonymous authors promised to make her life soar to heights beyond her wildest dreams.

These missives have remained a constant in Abi’s life – a befuddling yet oddly comforting voice through her family’s grief over her brother’s disappearance, a move across continents, the devastating dissolution of her marriage, and the new beginning as a single mother and café owner in Sydney.

Now, two decades after receiving those first pages, Abi is invited to learn ‘the truth’ about the book. It’s an opportunity too intriguing to refuse – she believes its absurdity and her brother’s disappearance must be connected. What follows is an entirely unexpected journey of discovery that will change Abi’s life – and enchant readers.

Gravity Is the Thing is a smart, unusual, wickedly funny novel – heart-warming and life-affirming.


Gravity Is the Thing


The story spans over twenty years and how two particular events in Abigail Sorenson’s life determined the choices she made as she was entering her adult life. The first was when her brother Robert vanished the day before her 16th birthday. He had been diagnosed with MS, which explained a lot to Abigail, without leaving a note or saying goodbye he simply went out one day and didn’t come back. He left a massive hole in her life.

The second was a letter she received in the same year inviting her to have sent to her chapters from a book which encouraged her to take on challenges or learn new skills. The authors claimed it was a guide book to much bigger things. When Abi receives an invite for an all-inclusive trip to finally discover the truth, twenty years after the first chapter had arrived, she accepted.

The story drops back to how life was with her brother and the lengths she went to look for him. She never lost hope or gave up. It follows her through love, loss and having her son.

I loved this unusual story that grew on me more and more with each chapter. New characters were introduced, each unique with their own stories. I don’t and won’t say anything else except that it greatly affected me. I cried with huge sobs in the last few chapters as it was so moving and I soared and laughed so much as I closed the book. So very truly uplifting in every sense it made me bubbly inside. Pure magic!


Jaclyn Moriarty

Jaclyn Moriarty is an Australian writer of young adult literature.

She studied English at the University of Sydney, and law at Yale University and Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge, where she was awarded a PhD.

She is the younger sister of Liane Moriarty. She was previously married to Canadian writer Colin McAdam, and has a son, Charlie. She currently lives in Sydney.


Twitter: @jaclynmoriarty

Gravity Is the Thing by [Moriarty, Jaclyn]

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