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On the spur of the moment, with no idea where she’s going or what she’ll do once she gets there, Lily Armitage runs away from her unhappy family life and everything she’s ever known. When she finally arrives at her random destination, it turns out to be a blissful and unexpected sanctuary, but she’s then faced with a mystery and a new set of problems.


Honeystone Summer


Lily Armitage has been run ragged at home and at work day in day out.  for years. When her boss took her for granted once too often she blew up at him, and when she got home her husband didn’t even mention their wedding anniversary. There hadn’t even been any support at confession either where she was told by her priest to think before she said anything in future. So shut up and put up!

She knew that even with the extra work she had done the rent wouldn’t be covered and her three grown-up sons and hubby just left it all up to her. When she went to withdraw her money she saw a bus and just decided to hop on it and when that got to where it was going she did the same again. She left it to her instincts to get off at the place that felt right. She had travelled from London to a little place called Harmsworth, just outside Buxton in Derbyshire and so a new beginning began!

The story is told by Lily her feelings and fears and the comparisons between the hustle and bustle of London and the Derbyshire Dales, rolling hills and people with funny accents that she can’t always understand. It seems that this was meant to be, her destiny, as opportunities open up with a million to one chance meeting of a blast from the past.

There is far more to this story than you first think there will be. I really grew to love Lily and the characters she met. The story stays quite compact and doesn’t become weighed down by too many people in the, so it feels more intermate.  A lovely good feel read for the dreary winter season. It really brightened my day.


I’ve had novels published by Robert Hale and Ulverscroft and have also self-published. I love writing, the relationship between pen and paper and what’s going off in my head at that particular moment in time. When I’m not so occupied, I enjoy walking in the Derbyshire countryside (good for writer’s block!) or playing my guitar, rather badly, I have to say. I’m also a keen football fan and alternate Saturday afternoons can usually find me cheering on the Rams at Pride Park.


Honeystone Summer by [Wragg, Sally]


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