Gumshoe Blues: The Peter Ord Yarns by Paul D. Brazil @PaulDBrazill #GumshoeBlues #BookReview #BlogReview #KindleUnlimited


“The adventures of this PI feel like they rolled out of a Tom Waits song — crime with the feel of a shaggy dog story” — K A Laity.

“An original homebrew with a kick. Well worth sampling.” — Mark Ramsden.

Following the breakdown of his marriage, in a booze-addled flash of inspiration, Peter Ord decides to become a private investigator. Dark farce and tragicomedy soon ensue. Peter must tackle many challenging cases, and when he comes under the radar of a local crime lord, he may have bitten off more than he can chew. With sidekicks, like boozy hack, Bryn Laden, failure is not an option – it’s compulsory.


Gumshoe Blues: The Peter Ord Yarns


This isn’t a long book but clear a couple of hours of ‘you’ time because it really deserves all your attention. Paul Brazill is a master of one-liner dry humour beauties that constantly roll from each page. His descriptions of people are unique, the like of which you have never heard before but it brings each character to life in its own memorable way. Yes, Paul Brazill, you are a genius in my eyes and I want everyone to read your books.

When Peter Ord decides to become a PI it is on a wing and a prayer backed up with an almighty amount of booze. So I drank in every story, all four of them and came away still thirsty and needing more like I always do.

The cases aren’t your run of the mill sort with each having its quirky, hold on to every word of uniqueness. The four stories are Gumshoe Blues, Mr Kiss and Tell, Who  Killed Skippy? and The Lady and the Gimp, yes the stories are as bizarre as the titles suggest.

Set in Seatown each tale is interwoven in a timeless loop of yesteryear music that isn’t there playing by accident. Every word has a purpose and every tune is a play on a situation. All very clever stuff that you could miss in the blink of an eye. Can’t recommend these books enough!


Paul D Brazill

Paul D. Brazill is the author of A Case Of Noir, Guns Of Brixton & Roman Dalton- Werewolf PI. He was born in England and lives in Poland.

He is an International Thriller Writers Inc member whose writing has been translated into Italian, Polish and Slovene.

He has had writing published in various magazines and anthologies, including The Mammoth Books of Best British Crime 8,10 and 11, alongside the likes of Ian Rankin, Neil Gaiman and Lee Child.

He edited the best- selling anthology True Brit Grit – with Luca Veste.


Twitter: @PaulDBrazill



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