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Golgotha by [Portman, Guy]


You can’t keep a good sociopath down.

Dyson Devereux is languishing in prison awaiting trial for murder. Languishing wouldn’t be so bad were it not for the irksome inmates, crowded conditions and distinct lack of haute cuisine.

Only Alegra, his sometime paramour and frequent visitor, shares his desire to see him released. The problem is, she wants Dyson freed so they can start a new life together. But all Dyson desires is to get back home to his treasured mementos.

As judgement day draws ever closer, can Dyson keep up appearances long enough to win his freedom? And at what cost? For hell hath no fury like a sociopath scorned.

Golgotha is a funny, fast-paced crime comedy novel, boasting a sardonic and sinister sociopath at its helm.

“Deeply dark and irresistibly funny. If you like dark humour, you’ll love watching Dyson unravel” — Sandra Seymour, Author

“Sociopathic comedy at its best” — Adam Riley, Comedian

If you like dark humour and crime you’ll love Golgotha.

“A potent blend of black comedy and crime” — Reviewer

Ever wondered what goes on in the mind of a sociopath? Meet Dyson Devereux, Britain’s answer to Patrick Bateman.

As well as being a very British satire, this darkly humorous crime novel will appeal to fans of psychological and serial killer fiction.

‘A devilishly wry read’ – Goodreads Reviewer

‘Tauted as the British Psycho as in the alternative to Mr. Bateman and the comparison works. Very similar moral deprivation as the action driver. Glib, twisted, darkly humorous.’ – Goodreads Reviewer




Now I do have to admit that I am coming into this series pretty late, in fact, this is my first book of the three that have been released but I was unaware of this until I had finished reading. The story is told my Dyson Devereux, a truly fascinating man, psychopath and giver and taker of life depending on if he can tolerate the people that cross his path any given day. Believe me, it doesn’t take a lot and me coming in on book three would have been enough cause for me to disappear!

Dyson is a charmer be it with the ladies or judge and jury and so after being up on trial for murder, which of course he committed, he walks away with a smile and no conviction from the Italian court. Alegra, the Italian beauty that has stood by him during the 17 months remand before the trial is brushed aside as he returns to England and his prized possessions that spark any real emotion in him.

Dyson returns to the work he loves, working with the dead and all the new technology that is available for him to dispose of all the irritating people that cross his path. This is a dark and devilish read of black comedy as people that don’t see his point succumb to a fate worse than just dying, dying at the hands of Dyson.

I have to admit that he tries to give people a chance but of course, if they don’t see Dyson’s way of thinking then they don’t live to see anything. I do admire his inventiveness, there are some real gems in here. Every character remains memorable from this story. A brilliant unpredictable end. Extremely entertaining and highly recommended.



Guy Portman

As far back as anyone can remember Guy has been an introverted creature, with an insatiable appetite for knowledge, and a sardonic sense of humour.

Throughout a childhood in London spent watching cold war propaganda gems such as He Man, an adolescence confined in various institutions, and a career that has encompassed stints in academic research and the sports industry, Guy has been a keen if somewhat cynical social observer.

Humour of the sardonic variety is a recurring theme in Guy’s writing. His first novel, Charles Middleworth, is an insightful tale of the unexpected. Tomorrow’s World is a satirical book of vignettes about the future. Like the author, the protagonist in the Necropolis Trilogy is a darkly humorous individual – though, unlike the author, he is a sociopath.

Guy is a dedicated blogger and an avid reader. Reviews of the books he has read can be found in the review section of this blog.


Golgotha by [Portman, Guy]



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