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Introducing the most unforgettable investigator of 2020. Gritty, Newcastle-set crime for fans of Ian Rankin and Val McDermid.

‘A unique protagonist and a cracking plotline … a smart, thought-provoking crime read with bags of heart and humanity’ MARI HANNAH

‘I can safely say it will be huge … an excellent read’ PATRICIA GIBNEY

It started with a splash. Jimmy, a homeless veteran grappling with PTSD, did his best to pretend he hadn’t heard it – the sound of something heavy falling into the Tyne at the height of an argument between two men on the riverbank. Not his fight.

Then he sees the headline: GIRL IN MISSING DAD PLEA. The girl, Carrie, reminds him of someone he lost, and this makes his mind up: it’s time to stop hiding from his past. But telling Carrie, what he heard – or thought he heard – turns out to be just the beginning of the story.

The police don’t believe him, but Carrie is adamant that something awful has happened to her dad and Jimmy agrees to help her, putting himself at risk from enemies old and new.

But Jimmy has one big advantage: when you’ve got nothing, you’ve got nothing to lose.


The Man on the Street: gritty, gripping crime thriller for fans of Ian Rankin and Mari Hannah (Jimmy Mullen)


Jimmy Mullen learnt the hard way to keep himself to himself and not interfere with things that didn’t concern him. The last time war veteran Jimmy went to the aid of someone in trouble it ended in his PTSD taking over and a man being killed by him. A sentence in prison cost him his marriage and seeing his daughter grow up. Now Jimmy lives on the Newcastle streets, tucked out of the way of gangs that make a game of beating up the homeless in the city. His friends consist of people that have given up on themselves, finding oblivion in drink and drugs.

When he hears two men arguing on the riverbank of the Tyne, then a splash he pushes it to the back of his mind until he sees a young woman’s plea, making headline news, asking for help from anyone who knows what could have happened to her father. He feels compelled to get in touch with her, but who will take notice of a vagrant with a murder conviction?

It is hard to believe that this is a debut novel and loved the fresh approach that this author brought to his story. The hero of the story is Jimmy a war victim that lost the life he had and is unable to cope with society and a society that is happy for him to hideaway. When no-one believes what he saw and heard it gives him a new focus to find out who the other mysterious man was. I found his character heartbreaking to read at times, frustrating at how he was treated and so bloody frightening for him at how lost he seemed. Was Jimmy a ticking time bomb that could still have flashbacks?

This is a really powerful story with no holds barred about the growing numbers of homeless on the streets and the dangers that they constantly live in. A truly engaging read from so many directions. Quite excited to see what will come next from this author. Highly recommended.

I wish to thank NetGalley and the publisher for an e-copy of this book which I have reviewed honestly.


Trevor Wood has lived in Newcastle for 25 years and considers himself an adopted Geordie, though he still can’t speak the language. He’s a successful playwright who has also worked as a journalist and spin-doctor for the City Council. Prior to that he served in the Royal Navy for 16 years joining, presciently, as a Writer. Trevor holds an MA in Creative Writing (Crime Fiction) from UEA. His first novel, The Man on the Street, which is set in his home city, will be published by Quercus in Spring 2020. He is represented by Oli Munson at AM Heath.


Twitter: @TrevorWoodWrite



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