The Lost War: Eidyn Book One by Justin Lee Anderson @authorjla #Fantasy BookReview #BlogBookReview


The war is over, but something is rotten in the state of Eidyn.

With a ragged peace in place, demons burn farmlands, violent Reivers roam the wilds and plague has spread beyond the Black Meadows. The country is on its knees.

In a society that fears and shuns him, Aranok is the first magically-skilled draoidh to be named King’s Envoy.

Now, charged with restoring an exiled foreign queen to her throne, he leads a group of strangers across the ravaged country. But at every step, a new mystery complicates their mission.

As bodies drop around them, new threats emerge and lies are revealed, can Aranok bring his companions together and uncover the conspiracy that threatens the kingdom?

Strap in for this twisted fantasy road trip from award-winning author Justin Lee Anderson.


The Lost War: Eidyn Book One


I must admit that at first opening this book on my kindle it told me that the reading time was 9 hours 51 mins but by the time I had got to the end of the first chapter I knew that it was going to be worthy of every second. It is simply packed with everything to make this fantasy one of the best that I have read. The characters are very diverse with extreme beliefs that should have them fighting each other but they are all there for one purpose. A rescue mission to restore power to a queen and take the first step for stability to the crippled country.

What a cracking team they are and what challenges they have to face. Battles and spells, a plague that makes the dead come back to fight, mystical creatures demons and magic. Now I know that I can shed tears at some books but yes I had to get the tissues out. The pace of the story changes throughout the book but the tension just never drops. There is always a challenge of some sort be it with the team or personal for one of them.

One thing was for sure, things just didn’t add up, there was something stirring and well a story in a story. This is quite shudder worthy in its own right. Just what the quest needed and the pace quickens again and the tissues are getting a battering!

It is really brilliant that some of the strongest characters in the story are female too, and the protectors of some of the men. The fighting skills are superb, the magic spectacular, a story totally gripping and an ending that just blew me away.

The best news is there is more to come. Justin Lee Anderson, you have found your niche. Bloody brilliant!



Justin Lee Anderson

Justin spent 15 years as a professional writer and editor before his debut novel, Carpet Diem, was published in 2015. It became a best-seller and won a 2018 Audie award. Since 2018 he has been writing full time, alongside working on scripts with his wife, Juliet, who he met through a BBC scriptwriting contest.

They live just outside his hometown of Edinburgh with their Brady Bunch family of five kids.

He misses Firefly. No Wash jokes. Still too soon.


Twitter: @authorjla


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