The Lance Brody Series – Dark Game, Dark Beginnings, Dark Son by Michael Robertson Jr. @mrobertsonjr #TheLanceBrodySeries #BookReview

The Lance Brody Series: Books 1 and 2, plus Prequel Novella (Lance Brody Omnibus) by [Robertson Jr, Michael]


The first three titles in the bestselling Lance Brody series from Michael Robertson Jr — Includes the Kindle #1 Bestselling Ghost & Haunted House novel DARK SON!

Lance Brody was conceived in a graveyard, and the dead have never left his side. With visits from lingering spirits, telepathic whispers, and an uncanny ability to solve the unexplainable, Lance has spent his entire life wondering what lies around each new corner. Somebody who needs his help, or something that wants him gone?

With a troubled young hero, mysterious foes, and plenty of supernatural action and suspense, fans of Odd Thomas, Supernatural, mysteries, and the dark unknown are sure to love Lance Brody.

Omnibus Includes: Dark Beginnings (Book 0, Prequel Novella), Dark Game (Book 1), Dark Son (Book 2)


The Lance Brody Series: Books 1 and 2, plus Prequel Novella (Lance Brody Omnibus)


Well, I just couldn’t resist this trio and jumped straight into the Novella and the series of events that gave Lance his supernatural abilities to communicate with spirits that haven’t yet moved on, and catch glimpses, at times, of fragments of living peoples pasts.

There is a real special bond between mother and son from his early childhood where his mother picks up on her son’s abilities and nurtures them, giving him words of wisdom to help him understand and deal with his gift.

He thought he was the only one but he was wrong. Events set Lance on a new direction.

Dark Beginnings and Dark Son, I will sum up together so as not to give the stories away. They are very different stories but if you are like me you will read all these books one straight after another. I felt quite bereft to have found myself at the end of the third book. Lance is a character you will love and want to protect against the world because he has led such a sheltered life.

People matter to him but at times he is awkward because of the protective ways his mum raised him. All three books have cracking stories but by the third book, he felt like a truly solid character. His personality had developed and a brilliant dry humour was erupting here and there, which really made me laugh.

Loved the idea of how the next town he is going to is determined by what next bus is leaving the station and each book beginning in a new setting, with Lance not quite knowing why he is there yet. All new characters, well almost, as I was left with looking over my shoulder just in case. Loved how Dark Son ended. Really put shivers up my back.

I will definitely be continuing with this series.


Michael Robertson Jr

Aside from his Lance Brody paranormal suspense series, Michael is the author of the horror/suspense novels ROUGH DRAFT, CEDAR RIDGE, suspense novel REGRET, as well as a collection of horror and suspense short stories THE TEACHERS’ LOUNGE (both written under the pen name Dan Dawkins). His books have been downloaded over 100,000 times in Amazon’s Kindle store.

Lives in Virginia where he’s currently working on a new horror novel while trying to keep himself from thinking that his next book idea is better.

Favorite Authors: Stephen King, Harlan Coben, Jules Verne, JK Rowling, Chelsea Caine, Sandra Brown, Joe Hill, George R. R. Martin, John Connolly, Michael Chrichton, Ted Dekker, Greg Iles, Jeffery Deaver, Dennis Lehane, Justin Cronin, C.S. Lewis — This is getting out of hand…




The Lance Brody Series: Books 1 and 2, plus Prequel Novella (Lance Brody Omnibus) by [Robertson Jr, Michael]

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