The Wayward Girls by Amanda Mason @ZaffreBooks #NetGalley #TheWaywardGirls


The Girls meets The Little Stranger in this dark and captivating debut about sisterhood, family secrets, and a dangerous game that becomes all too real. Perfect for fans of The Haunting of Hill House.

The girls heard it first, the knocking inside the walls . . .


1976. Loo and her sister Bee live in a run-down cottage in the middle of nowhere, with their artistic parents and wild siblings. Their mother, Cathy, had hoped to escape to a simpler life; instead the family find themselves isolated and shunned by their neighbours. At the height of the stifling summer, unexplained noises and occurrences in the house begin to disturb the family, until they intrude on every waking moment . . .


Loo, now Lucy, is called back to her childhood home. A group of strangers are looking to discover the truth about the house and the people who lived there. But is Lucy ready to confront what really happened all those years ago?


The Wayward Girls


Oh boy, this is some scary read, strange, unsettling and totally gripping. You know when something happens and you look away but you have to keep just having another quick look well this book is like that. There were times that I had to stop reading, it wasn’t what was happening that was getting to me, it was the thought of where it could all go if I carried on. Just brilliant writing!

The story is set on two time lines. One when Loo was a child back in 1976 and the other in present day. Both revolve around the farm, come cottage, where she and her siblings grew up. The family was a little hippyish, homeschooled by their mother Cathy and left to run pretty wild on the whole. The children felt isolated with only each other and were looked down on with the people that lived around them. Cathy seemed to have her head in the clouds, while their dad worked away from home more and more.

When things begin to go bump in the night it soon sparks the attention of a group of paranormal investigators and a young woman who works for the newspaper but needs a good story to move up to reporter.

The storylines alternate between now and then as in present-day a new paranormal team and the daughter of one of the original investigators want to return to the cottage for answers to what happened back in 1976 taking Loo with them to walk through events.

As the story unfolds from the past in becomes deeper and darker whilst in present day this tightly knotted story begins to be teased free. I really enjoyed this book, love books that make me feel that bit on edge and this book did just that.

I wish to thank NetGalley and the publisher for an e-copy of this book which I have reviewed honestly.



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