Assassin’s Web by Richard T. Burke @RTBurkeAuthor #CrimeThriller #KindleUnlimited #Review

Assassin's Web: A dark web thriller by [Burke, Richard T.]


I should never have read the note.
I certainly shouldn’t have logged in.
Now they want to kill me.
Schoolteacher, Alex Parrott, discovers a scrap of paper containing the address, username and password for a site on the Dark Web. He gives in to temptation and learns that the website deals in assassination contracts. The Dark Web is supposed to be anonymous, but somebody knows what Alex has seen. Within hours, a ruthless hitman is hot on his trail. To make matters worse, the police issue a warrant for his arrest, identifying him as the main suspect in a string of horrific murders. Unsure who he can trust, Alex must stay alive long enough to uncover the truth and clear his name.


Assassin’s Web: A dark web thriller


If you go down to the woods today you better be in disguise ………………………. Alex, unknown to him at the time, had been not too far from the place a murder was taking place, but he had seen nothing, or so he thought.

You would think that school teacher Alex Parrott would have had more sense but he didn’t. After finding a scrap of paper in the woods with user name and web details on it he decided to take a peek to see what it was. Now there is nothing more annoying than getting your mind set on a task than not completing it, so when he got stuck he called on his computer suave ex-brother-in-law to help.

Oh my, this was a journey into the dark web, but he thought he was safe just to take a look, no-one would know would they? Curiosity nearly killed the cat but Alex may not be that lucky. It had taken Alex years to get where he was and it could all disappear at the push of a button.  Now Alex was on the run from everyone and his family was all in grave danger.

This is one hell of a paced read which some brilliant characters that kept me one hundred percent entertained. I cringed and shouted at Alex, thought everyone I had met in the story was guilty at some point and really liked people that I shouldn’t have. Alex was certainly one of the world’s innocents. This is a cracking story which made me cringe at just how much horror sat under my fingers as I was typing, it really gave me the shudders.

A super highly recommended read. Top marks!


Richard T. Burke

Richard T. Burke is the author of The Rage, Decimation: The Girl Who Survived, The Colour of the Soul and Assassin’s Web.
His novels are thrillers with a twist. He has also contributed short stories to anthologies by Bloodhound Books and Corona Books.
Richard lives with his wife, Judith, and daughter, Emily, in the village of Rotherwick in north-east Hampshire, UK.
You can sign up to a newsletter on his author webpage at




Assassin's Web: A dark web thriller by [Burke, Richard T.]

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