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Midday: A gripping psychological crime thriller by [Lyons, David B.]


Could you hold your nerve to steal eight million euro in order to save your partner’s life?

That’s the dilemma facing Vincent Butler – a well-respected bank manager in Dublin’s city centre.

Both he and his boyfriend of 10 years, Ryan Harkness, assume they are waking up to a regular working day when their alarm beeps at seven a.m. They couldn’t be more wrong.

Within minutes, Ryan’s life is at stake after wannabe gangster Darragh Galligan forces his way into their plush apartment. He informs them he will be holding Ryan at gunpoint while Vincent is tasked with carrying out a record-breaking heist.

Vincent must visit the vaults of each of the four bank branches he manages to steal eight million euros. If he doesn’t follow orders, Ryan will be killed.

He doesn’t have long.

He only has until Midday.

And the clock is ticking…

“Lyons’ debut thriller is neatly plotted and has a devastating twist in its tail.” – Irish Independent


Midday: A gripping psychological crime thriller


Well having read ‘What Ever Happened to Betsy Blake’, which rocketed to my top read of this year, I had to take a step back and go to the debut before it. Believe me, this was not a disappointment.

The story centres around four main characters, Vincent, who is the manager over four bank branches in Dublin. Ryan, Vincent’s partner for the last ten years.  Jack, the brains behind the Tiger heist they about to take part in and Darragh the muscle of this duo gang. A Tiger heist is where the manager of a bank’s family is held in their home hostage, while the manager goes to withdraw money from the bank to give to the robbers. The story is told both in the past and present by each of the four characters.

Oh boy, David Lyons, the author, doesn’t mess about as you are plunged straight in there, one minute I was thinking I was going to get to know Vincent and Ryan over breakfast then and I thought ok perhaps not as Darragh arrives definitely meaning business. Vincent has to collect 2 million euros from each of the four branches he heads and get back to their penthouse flat before midday or Ryan will be killed. The time is ticking away.

What I loved about this book was it took round about the same amount of time to read as the time that the money had to be back to the flat. Believe me, it didn’t feel long at all. Each of these characters had their own story to tell of how they got to where they all are. Darragh you wouldn’t want to meet on a bright sunny day never mind holding a gun at you. He really is not right in the head and it isn’t long before Ryan has him weighed up.

This is one edge of your seat reads that I felt everything could go wrong at any moment. Just one bank not complying with Vincent’s very dodgy plan to get the money without raising suspicion, the traffic and the chance of Vincent keeling over with a heart attack with the pressure he was under. Most of all though I feared for Ryan with the looney Darragh. It was like I could hear every second ticking away and getting louder with each one.

Absolutely love this author’s books, do yourself a favour and just dive in. Superb!



David B. Lyons

David B. Lyons is a former award-winning journalist-turned-author. He is a writer of psychological thrillers, the first of which – Midday – was compared to the writing of Quentin Tarantino by Bookstormer: “For me, he is the Tarantino of the book world.” Not a bad start to life as an author! He signed a three-book publishing deal with Bloodhound Books at the tail end of 2017.

David grew up in Dublin – the city his novels are set – but currently spends his time between Birmingham in the UK and the Irish capital. He is married to a Brummie, Kerry, and they have one daughter, Lola.

He has also lectured in Creative Writing in colleges and universities in both Ireland and in the UK.


Twitter: @TheOpenAuthor

Midday: A gripping psychological crime thriller by [Lyons, David B.]


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