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Bird Box: The bestselling psychological thriller, now a major film by [Malerman, Josh]


Josh Malerman’s debut novel BIRD BOX is a terrifying, psychological thriller that is sure to stay with you long after reading.

Most people dismissed the reports on the news. But they became too frequent; they became too real. And soon it was happening to people we knew.

Then the Internet died. The televisions and radios went silent. The phones stopped ringing

And we couldn’t look outside anymore.


Bird Box: The bestselling psychological thriller, now a major film


I have to admit that I came across the book because I watched the film. It was an awesome film and for once I loved both the book and movie the same. The only thing was the characters had already been chosen for me. Their faces fully formed in my mind from the first page. Not a bad thing Sandra Bullock was perfect for the role.

The book doesn’t dwell too long on what is normal life, we all know what that is like but begins as small snippets of news filter through the network about the increase of suicides across the world, each day increasing by thousands until it reaches every town and every city in the world. It becomes clear that these people are seeing something that compels them to kill themselves.

The story begins five years in the future with Malorie and two young children setting out blindfolded in a canoe type boat heading to somewhere. Malorie edgy to say the least with the two children obeying her every instruction. There is no warmth in the relationship between them, their names are boy and girl. What becomes obvious is their heightened senses, hearing especially. The children have never seen outside if they do they will die.

The story drops back to when it all began, I can’t say you will be any wiser at the end but what a journey you will take. There isn’t a great deal of characters in the story so by the time you finish reading each one will be etched into your mind. Whatever it is that is causing this seems to gain intelligence too, adapting to new ways of getting to the ones that think they are safe.

Loved the book, really creepy with some brilliant characters in it. It really leaves you thinking about trust issues! There are some graphic scenes but it is that sort of book. Awesome reading loved the end!


Josh Malerman

Josh Malerman is the author of BIRD BOX and the singer/songwriter for the band THE HIGH STRUNG.


Twitter: @JoshMalerman

Bird Box: The bestselling psychological thriller, now a major film by [Malerman, Josh]

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