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Firstly I wish to thank Sarah Hardy of Book on the Bright Side Publicity and Promo for inviting me on the Blog Tour for THE FIFTY 5PM FICTIONS COLLECTION by Morgen Bailey.

The Fifty 5pm Fictions Collection by [Bailey, Morgen]


This collection comprises five volumes of fifty stories written from a variety of
prompts and published on Morgen’s blog:, where
you can still read the list of prompts – a story a day for nearly a year.

In this book there are stories of revenge, luck and misfortune, sharp edges, sticky
red hands, no faded circle of skin, family heirlooms, Chelsea buns, and alien hums.

We meet a generous aunt, men in uniform, a fan of Hawaiian shirts, untidy teenagers, characters looking to improve themselves, a young girl with wings, a modern-day Cleopatra, and a curious fortune teller.

These stories all go to show what can be done with a prompt, a few hours, and a colourful imagination.


The Fifty 5pm Fictions Collection


I love how these short stories came about with a prompt that opens up a whole world of possibilities for so many avenues to venture down. Not only did I enjoy the author’s stories I gave thought to a few myself too. This is a book which holds five volumes that have fifty stories in each one. The stories are of various lengths and all very different.

From just snippets of someone’s daily routine to the obscure there is something that will tickle your fancy. So no matter how long you have there is always time to read a story with these coffeetime chapters that can then be mulled back over later because certain ones did seem to pop back in my mind.

I like the way the length of these stories keep me on my toes, you have to read the stories and shelve them away so you are ready with a clear mind for the next and the funny thing is they never muddle up. It felt like every topic was touched on from stories about children to the other end of the age scale and Morgen Baily captures the essence of them all. I love the writing styles she takes on for each, a true talent.

I wish to thank Sarah Hardy for an e-copy of this book which I have honestly reviewed.


2 Morgen July 2017.JPG

Morgen Bailey – Morgen with an E – is a multi-genre author,
freelance editor, writing tutor, writing competitions magazine columnist, and judge, blogger, and speaker.


Her website is,
email is,
she is @morgenwriteruk on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


books can be found at (,

and wherever books can be ordered.

Instagram =


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  1. Thank you so much, Susan. It’s always nerve-racking to get the first review but I’m delighted you enjoyed it, especially if it inspires to put pen to paper. You’re very kind.


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