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Relegated to a life without hope for anything more than a squalid existence at the bottom of the pecking order, Petunia, a backyard chicken, lives out her days in a flock where gossip flows as currency, with malice at its heart and boredom by its side. Petunia’s plight seems insurmountable until a strange woman’s tears hurl her through a labyrinth that she never anticipated and into a friendship she might not survive.


Impeccable Petunia Part I: Claws, Paws, Feathers and Jaws


This is a story of farmyard frolics and fun from the ladies of the hen house as they bicker and fight to reign supreme on their perches. Petunia likes to keep herself to herself away from the cackle of the other hens, who gossip the day away about who has the best feathers to who lays the worst eggs.

When a friendship develops between the human, who Petunia names Silkie and Petunia she knows that it must be kept secret and as for the farmyard cat, Macy, he is just a big furball that likes to tease the little ladies of the hen house just to see them flap! There is a much bigger problem that visits the farmyard and has already claimed one of the hens and put his mark on another.

Bernadette is the equivalent of a stroppy teenager wanting to hang out with the big girls and the best way to do that is to get some real juicy gossip on one of the other hens. What is put into motion can’t always be mended. It will take quite a feat to make these ladies pull together instead of pulling each other apart.

The story leaves on a bit of a cliff hanger but book two is already out phew! Very entertaining reading.


Katie Christine

From a young age Katie’s parents instilled in her a love of animals and art. She has many fond childhood memories of long summer afternoons spent curled up in a quiet corner of the local library. She lives outside Seattle, Washington with her husband/illustrator, Jonathan Edward, their Super-Sheltie, Niles and cats, Frankenstein and Penelope.

Katie Christine holds degrees from UCLA and USC, enjoys the outdoors, gardening, reading, and discovering new music.


Twitter: @Impeccable_P

Impeccable Petunia Part I: Claws, Paws, Feathers and Jaws by [Christine, Katie]


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