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Lisa tells lies.

Most of them are small white lies intended to make the life of her daughter, Ava, easier.

But her biggest lie of all about to be exposed.

Because Lisa is lying to everyone.

Lisa isn’t who she says she is.

Lisa isn’t even called Lisa at all.

Her real name is Charlotte Nevill and as a child she was convicted of the brutal murder of her half-brother, Daniel.

Someone out there knows the truth. They’re determined to make Lisa pay. And they won’t stop until everything she loves is destroyed.


Cross Her Heart: The gripping new psychological thriller from the #1 Sunday Times bestselling author


This is a cracking psychological mind blow out from the very start of the book. The only thing with a secret is if just one person knows it then it isn’t yours anymore. It is a cloud that is constantly hanging there in the corner or your vision because you aren’t in control of it anymore.

Should I like Lisa or should I hate her? Yes, I had her card mark, I knew who she was and what she had done but God damn it, she is a real nice, and good mum to Ava. The thing was she wasn’t Lisa now something had happened in the past and an event in present day was going to uncover it.

This story bounced between timelines and characters in short sharp chapters, each giving their version of events. A tight group of girls of various ages with a common interest that bound them. I was edgy but thought I was a good judge of character and something just didn’t feel right. There were so many lies, so many cover-ups, could I trust anyone?

This is such an intense read that at one point totally took my breath away. It sent me spiralling through every tangled emotion that had built up in me about these girls. What a story! It delivered everything that I look for in a book. I want to try to work out where a story is going but I want that element of wow when I get there, not an ‘oh yes saw that coming’.  Loved it!

Many thanks to NetGalley for an e-copy of this book which I have reviewed honestly.



Sunday Times No.1 bestseller SARAH PINBOROUGH is the critically acclaimed and award-winning, adult and YA author. Her previous novel, Behind Her Eyes, has sold in 25 territories, been shortlisted for the Crime and Thriller Book of the Year at the British Book Awards and was a Sunday Times No.1 bestseller in hardback and paperback. She is also a screenwriter who has written for the BBC and has several original television projects in development.


Twitter: @SarahPinborough

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