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A Random Act of Kindness by [Jenkins, Sophie]


‘Wonderfully uplifting’ Trisha Ashley

It only takes a moment, to change a life for ever…

Fern is too busy making sure other people feel good about themselves to give much thought to her own happiness. But somehow, without her noticing, life has run away from her.

Suddenly, Fern realises her vintage clothes business is struggling, and the casual relationship she’d always thought she was happy in doesn’t look so appealing.

But sometimes, karma really does come through. And when Fern goes out of her way to help 85-year-old Dinah, little does she realise their new friendship will change her life.

Dinah may have troubles in her past, but she’s lived and loved to the full. Can Dinah show Fern that even the smallest acts of kindness can make the world a better place?

If you liked Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine or How to Be Happy, you’ll love A Random Act of Kindness.


A Random Act of Kindness


This is a lively fun and want to be there read that just made me all fuzzy inside. Fern is like the typical girl next door but with a style of her own. Fern loves vintage clothes and finding not just that perfect look for herself but for others too. So after not so much losing her job as being asked to leave her personal assistant position in a classy store, she sets up a stall on the market.

Now, this is not something that her ex-model mother approves of. To say that their relationship is strained just doesn’t quite match the coldness her mother puts out to Fern. Image is everything to Fern’s mother and Fern isn’t living up to her standards.

This story is made up of quirky, weird and wonderful characters that jump off the pages. I loved Dinah, classy, confident and full of mischief, at 85 it should be compulsory. She has the most wonderful stories and married to a charming man. What a tremendous story they have.

I found myself looking forward to each new chapter, that wasn’t a chapter but a ‘lot’ consisting of descriptions of vintage clothes, each making the whole thing very visual. A super idea, so very classy. Then I soon found myself giggling away at what was to come, next,  with the brilliant customers that swiftly became friends. Fern’s love life definitely had its dips but the high lights were just divine.

This is Fern’s time to blossom or wilt and what a journey it is.  Beautifully written I simply didn’t want this story to come to an end. A pure joy to read!


Sophie Jenkins

Sophie Jenkins’s debut novel The Forgotten Guide to Happiness is published by Avon. After studying creative writing at City University, Sophie took an MA in Prose Fiction at Middlesex University and finds that the creative stimulation of belonging to writing groups wonderfully balances the solitude of writing. She is a member of the Society of Authors and the Romantic Novelists’ Association and lives in lively north London. In The Forgotten Guide to Happiness, Sophie explores the enduring happiness of love that persists even when memories are fading, and its life-changing effect on those who witness it


Twitter: @sophiejenkinsuk

A Random Act of Kindness by [Jenkins, Sophie]

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