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Shallow Grave meets The Secret History in this quirky psychological thriller.

When you’re bound together by secrets and lies who do you trust?

Bristol, 1988.

Five young graduates on the threshold of their careers buy a house together in order to get a foot on the property ladder before prices spiral out of their reach. But it soon becomes the house share from hell.

After their New Year’s Eve party, they discover a body – and it’s clear they’ll be the first suspects. As each of them has a good reason from their past not to trust the police, they come up with a solution – one which forces them into a life of secrets and lies.

But can they trust each other?


The Suspects


When five graduates start work as journalists with the same employer they decide that buying a house together will be a good idea. It isn’t long though before they find many pitfalls and what-ifs that could go wrong. They are far from perfect housemates with the saying you never know a person until you live with them, ringing in their ears. Emily, Imogen, Zanthe, Stuart and Zac soon see a new side of each other, lazy, controlling, bossy, and everything else in-between. So they thought that a New Years Eve party seemed like a good idea to ease the tension a little. The thing is a couple of days later they find a dead man down the cellar and none of them know who he is.

Now logic has definitely left the building as all they can agree on is that their lives, careers, and futures that they had planned out are getting further out of reach. All they can see is jail time, losing their house and their jobs so the only solution is to lose the body, but where? Now things had got a bit strained before and this doesn’t help. Is one of them a killer? Does one of them know the dead man? Are the rest of them in danger?

This is a story with characters that really got under my skin as I cringed and cursed at the choices that these educated professionals made. Everything had gone bottoms up pretty early on in the story so it felt like I was in the same boat as them, knowing little about any of them and who they really were. The further I read and the more paranoid I became with each housemate.

I can’t say that I liked the housemates any more the further that I got into the story but I don’t think that the author intended me to. Their lives entangle with each other further the more that they cover up. This was a house of cards ready to fall down, gripping, tense and very shocking, it totally threw me.

A brilliant storyline and a very engrossing read.


Katharine Johnson

Katharine Johnson is the author of gripping psychological and historical suspense stories set in the UK and Italy. It’s always the whydunit that intrigues her most. Katharine’s characters are flawed but not evil – they’re ordinary people who through a bad decision find themselves in nightmarish situations. Born in Bristol, she currently lives in Berkshire. As a journalist she’s written for a variety of magazines, mostly about home and lifestyle. She has a passion for crime novels, old buildings and all things Italian (except tiramisu.) When not writing you’ll often find her drinking coffee, exploring cities, restoring her house in Italy or out walking with her partner in crime-writing. Monty the spaniel, while thinking up plots.


Twitter: @kjohnsonwrites

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