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The Angel Monument by [Middleton, Kath]


A ruined chapel in the grounds of a prosperous manor house must have a story to tell.

It is 1824 and Emily and Laura, the two young daughters of Sir John and Lady Oxborough, are pleased to meet a new gentleman in the neighbourhood. He is handsome, charming and attentive. Soon even their mother and their maid are in thrall to him. But what defines a gentleman?

As Emily’s life falls in ruins around her, everything closes in on the chapel.


The Angel Monument


Firstly I wish to thank Kath Middleton for her generosity in offering the chance of naming characters in this book through an auction run by UKCBC, an online book club. The proceeds raised were divided between three charities. The character I named was Alfie Laidler my beautiful grandson who was born sleeping 22.09.2014

I must admit to having a fascination with any items from the past, be it an ornament, an old letter or like in the story a ruined chapel in the grounds of a well-maintained manor house. The seed is set as the story falls back to 1824 and the prosperous household of Sir and Lady Oxborough, their two daughters and an abundance of servants to cater for their every need. Having two daughters it was a well-known fact that Sir Oxborough had set aside substantial dowries for both of them if the right suiters were found but it wouldn’t be paid until the girls reached 21. When a stranger arrives in the village, it is with mixed feelings that he is welcomed.

Kath Middleton’s attention to the smallest detail of an era is captivating for any reader, from etiquette to fashion as the characters gain substance with every page. This is a story of love, tradition, and honour. It captures the hopes and dreams of young girls, not just the two sisters and how they can be betrayed. This light-hearted read begins to turn to a more darker and sinister nature the further I read, and a supernatural element builds as the story rises in tension. The household of Oxborough will change and the reason for the Angel Monument dawns.

Beautifully written, I am eternally grateful.


Kath Middleton

Kath Middleton began her writing with drabbles (100 words stories) and contributed a number to Jonathan Hill’s second drabble collection. It wasn’t long before she moved up a size to contribute short stories to anthologies. Shortly afterwards, she progressed to writing longer pieces and her first solo work, Ravenfold, was published to much acclaim. This was followed by the novella, Message in a Bottle. Several more books are in the pipeline and her first novel, Top Banana, was published in March 2015. In March 2016 she and Jonathan Hill published Is it Her – two novellas inspired by a painting. Kath likes to put her characters in difficult situations and watch them work their way out. She believes in the indomitable nature of the human spirit (and chickens).
Kath is retired. She graduated in geology and has a certificate in archaeology. When she’s in a hole, she doesn’t stop digging.


Twitter: @kathmidd

The Angel Monument by [Middleton, Kath]

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