Playgroups and Prosecco: The (mis)adventures of a single mum by Jo Middleton @penguinrandom @mummyblogger @EburyPublishing #NetGalley #Family #PlaygroupsAndProsecco


A hilarious and totally relatable book about the adventures of a single mum, for fans of Catastrophe and Motherland. Readers of Why Mummy Drinks, Unmumsy Mum and The Single Mum’s Wish List will love this debut novel from parenting blogger Slummy Single Mummy.


Playgroups and Prosecco: The (mis)adventures of a single mum



Now, this should be a new parent handbook because I remember motherhood being more like this than any book or leaflet that I had ever been given at the baby clinic. Set out like diary entries written by Frankie, this is a hilarious account of her daily life, from playgroup gatherings to teen tantrums, Tinder dating, and best friends, it is all there warts and all.

Frankie is a brilliant character that had me proper laughing at situations, nodding along agreeing and at other times wishing I had thought of some of the things she did. Frankie is a Jaffa cake addict and lover of a glass or two of Prosecco when the going gets tough. She has a brilliant couple of mates that band together to face the ‘new age mums’ at playgroup that do everything by the book, from carrot sticks to no additives in their pre-schools snacks. It really is a clicky place of the know-alls and the no-ways!

I howled at outings with her and her children that could have got Oscars for their acting up scenes when they knew they had an audience. Still makes me giggle. If you want an uplifting read then this is a go-to book. Oh my, I could have re-named everyone of these characters with people that I have known through life. That is what makes it so great. It is just so relatable to everyday life, mine and more than likely yours too.

I wish to thank NetGalley and the publisher for an e-copy of this book which I have reviewed honestly.



Jo Middleton

Jo Middleton is an award-winning blogger, mum of two daughters, eater of Jaffa Cakes and drinker of gin. She lives in Somerset with her three cats, all named after fictional detectives. Playgroups and Prosecco is her first novel.


Playgroups and Prosecco: The (mis)adventures of a single mum by [Middleton, Jo]

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