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Inspector de Silva and Jane embark on a cruise to Egypt to visit the pyramids, excited at the prospect of two weeks of sun, sea and relaxation. With Nuala, and de Silva’s duties as a police officer, far behind them, what can possibly spoil their plans? Then a writer is found dead in his cabin, suffocated by newspaper thrust down his throat. Once again, de Silva must swing into action.
The Inspector de Silva Mysteries is a colourful and absorbing series, spiced with humour. Set in Ceylon in the 1930s, it will appeal to fans of traditional and cozy mysteries.


Passage from Nuala (The Inspector de Silva Mysteries Book 6)


When Inspector de Silva receives his yearly bonus his first thought is of his lovely wife and how he can make her happy. So he takes two weeks holiday from work and books a cruise to Egypt for them to see the pyramids. Jane is totally delighted and time away from Nuala will ensure they can enjoy each others company uninterrupted for the whole 14 days. How wrong she was.

Shanti is very aware on the cruise that not everyone will accept them as equals, this series is set in an era when people’s prejudices were voiced but when a murder occurs the Captain has no hesitation on calling on the skills of the Inspector. The murderer must be discovered before the ship reaches the next port and people disembark. Jane is the supportive wife she has always been.

Shanti and Jane de Silva have to be my favourite series couple. Although Shanti is the Inspector Jane is the little voice in his head when he gets home from work that steers him to think out of the box. He knows that he can totally confide in her and he appreciates her alternative thinking and seeing things from a different perspective.

Shanti worships Jane, with my fondest thoughts of them dancing away in my mind to the music of the time that they both love. But what makes this series so outstanding are the wonderful vivid descriptions that bring the whole book and characters to life. Harriet steel can make me hear music, taste food and adore Shanti and Jane. She has the most vivid artist’s palette of such colourful descriptions that totally blow me away.

This is another perfect addition to this series with my favourite book covers. Wonderful!


Harriet Steel

Harriet Steel grew up in London and Wiltshire but now lives in Surrey. Married with two daughters, she has worked in fields from law to libraries. Her interests are travel, history and art, all of which have inspired the four historical novels she wrote before turning to crime with The Inspector de Silva Mysteries. She reads widely, but in the mystery genre is particularly fond of vintage mysteries. She would love to go back in time for a day and have lunch with Hercule Poirot, tea with Miss Marple, and dinner at the Ritz with Lord Peter Wimsey.


Twitter: @harrietsteel1


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