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‘Gritty thriller delving into the underbelly of the north east.’ KA Richardson

Daniel Dayton, a feared gangster, was born into a life of crime. He grew up with blood on his hands.

As head of Newcastle’s most notorious crime family, he battles to keep his city safe from Angel Maguire, a woman intent on flooding the streets with a new designer drug.

Forced into a war, Daniel struggles to predict Maguire’s erratic behaviour.

His only solace is his home and his daughter. Eisha is worth fighting for. Dayton must kill, or be killed.

Both crime families are on the brink of destruction.

Only one can survive.




Having read Woodcutter, this was a must follow on for me. Daniel had returned home to protect his family and now has had to step in to a permanent top dog position. Now there are brutally good gangsters and brutally bad gangsters and well Daniel is one of the good bad guys that you simply can’t help to get behind.

Daniel had discovered that he had been adopted, along with his now deceased brother, when they were children. Both pretty hard cases that had a really tough up bringing, being dragged up with the scruff of the neck by horrendous parents. Now Daniel has his hands full with his own daughter who seemed quite a natural when it came to violence, with a definite faulty off switch when she was going too far.

Daniel had got whiff that some real heavy drugs were about to hit the streets with a rather nasty piece of work called Angel. Now Angel is one of the bad, bad guys. What goes down just made me take a step back because it leaves one really fired totally crazy lady with nothing more to lose. Oh boy does this story sizzle. There is a lot of violence from every side and it is very well detailed so this may not be for everyone.

In between little breaks to get a drink I found myself singing in my head ‘When two tribes go to war’ because this was a battle to the end. It is like playing poker so much of the time as to who is telling truths and lies. A real keep you on your toes book, with a one hundred percent entertainment value. It is quite scary where this series may go. Eisha, Daniel’s daughter, is so very unpredictable. I would say to people read Woodcutter first to get the best impact and feel of the characters. Brilliant!


Shaun Baines

From a damp cottage in Scotland, Shaun writes crime noir set in his native North East of England. Dark characters. Mean streets. Suspicion everywhere


Twitter: @Littlehavenfarm


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