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Pilgrim Tale (The Pilgrim Trilogy Book 1) by [Murgatroyd, Tim]


In the middle years of the 22nd century, humanity is dying. It is a time when a genetically-modified elite maintains discipline over humankind by way of murderous airborne drones. These Overlords are utterly ruthless in their desire to exploit the power of science to live forever.

When strangers arrive in Baytown, a decaying Yorkshire village by the sea, they threaten Michael Pilgrim, his community, and all he holds dear with annihilation. Pilgrim’s struggle for survival against these strangers pits him against the Overlords and their unrestrained technology. Will Pilgrim succeed in altering his community’s destiny? Pilgrim must not only win allies among the bizarre cast of characters he encounters but also conquer dangerous foes closer to home.

Pilgrim Tale is a richly poetic voyage through a frightening and plausible future.


Pilgrim Tale (The Pilgrim Trilogy Book 1)


The world in this future is not a place I would like to be as the divide between the haves and have-nots is tremendous. In Baytown, on the Yorkshire coast, lived Michael Pilgrim who the local people looked up to for guidance, he and his brother live in the largest property around. When strangers arrived the leader made it clear that he would like the property and there was a feeling that he wouldn’t just stop at asking if the answer was no and no it was.

The town’s population had dwindled with attacks from drones sent by the people of the city, which left many properties abandoned and decaying. Recently a new addition had come to the small town’s population when Helen arrived to be the curator for the museum. Helen was the sister of Mary the local doctor, but the age difference between them was far more than plausible, especially with Helen’s immaculate beauty. Helen had a relationship with a high official in the city which brought her some privileges too  that would have been normally out of reach to someone like her.

When drones  arrive in the night chaos erupts . The drones are from the city where the rich and scientifically enhanced live in luxury wanting for nothing. The ability to balance scientific advancements to extend life and the quality of life stretched to its limits but for some even this isn’t enough. Disquiet was rippling through the city as well as on the outside of the walls. There were vast differences between the people scraping by in the small towns and villages while in the huge city it was like party time every day. With their colourful clothing, radiant beauty and needing for nothing but that was the problem in itself really.

As the tension of the people rises, battles ensue. Characters I had got to know slain with shocking acts of greed out weighing family loyalties. The story ends with so many promises of brilliant themes to come from this the first book in the new  must read trilogy. Another to watch!


Tim Murgatroyd was brought up in Yorkshire. He read English at Hertford College, Oxford University, and now lives with his family in York. Tim became fascinated with Ancient China when he discovered a slim volume of Chinese poetry in a second hand bookshop.

His first novel, Taming Poison Dragons set in 12th Century China, has been described as ‘a captivatingly original and unforgettable story of tragedy and enduring love’. The sequel, Breaking Bamboo, is the second instalment of a trilogy charting the trials and adventures of the Yun clan during the Mongol invasion of China. The third part of his trilogy, The Mandate of Heaven, set during the brutal Mongol occupation of China was published in October 2013.

Taming Poison Dragons and Breaking Bamboo have now been translated into Chinese by the prestigious Shanghai Literature and Arts publishing house.

In an exciting new venture, Tim will be publishing a number of new e-titles with Matador (UK) in 2017.

The Nazi’s Daughter, a haunting time-shift novel set in World War 2 and contemporary New York.

Dust of the Earth, an epic love story set in troubled 1870s California and its fascinating early wine industry.

Three e-booklets of poetry in a series called ‘Poems for Mobiles’: Lullaby, Drunk and The Stars are Apples.


Twitter: @TimMurgatroyd

Please visit Tim’s website www.timmurgatroyd.co.uk for further information about the fascinating background to these novels and his poetry.

Pilgrim Tale (The Pilgrim Trilogy Book 1) by [Murgatroyd, Tim]

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