A Beautiful Corpse (Harper McClain #2) by Christi Daugherty @CJ_Daugherty #Blog Review #BookReview #NewGalley #NewRelease



It’s a thin line between love and murder…

A tense new thriller, perfect for fans of Clare Mackintosh, Cara Hunter and Lisa Jewell

A murder that shocks a city… 
Shots ring out on one of Savannah’s most famous streets. A beautiful law student lies dead.

A case full of secrets and lies…
Three men close to the victim are questioned. All of them claim to love her. All of them say they are innocent of her murder.

An investigation that could prove deadly…
As crime reporter Harper McClain unravels a tangled story of obsession and jealousy, the killer focuses on her. He’s already killed one woman. Will he kill another?


A Beautiful Corpse: A gripping crime thriller full of twists and turns! (The Harper McClain series, Book 2)


Although this is the second book in The Harper McClain series but my first I didn’t have any problem settling into the story. Harper is a newspaper reporter that has that gut feeling when something just doesn’t sit right with a story. Within an hour of leaving a bar, that Harper and her bestie Bonnie were drinking in, a young law student Naomi Scott is shot down in the streets of Savannah and there isn’t any witnesses around. Harper, a woman who has always one eye on everyone else and an ear to the ground had sensed that Naomi, sat at the far end of the bar earlier in the evening, wasn’t happy about something as she text.

When she hears about the murder she is straight out to find out more and with a non too happy relationship with the local police soon finds that she is treading on toes without even putting a foot wrong! As bits of info filter through she discovers that Naomi’s phone is missing. Why would anyone want to murder a bright, beautiful, kind young woman? Harper is one hell of a reporter that just doesn’t ask if any progress has been made, she digs and pokes until she makes progress herself.

This is a brilliant story from a new prospective as Harper can push the law to the ultimate and a little further, the only problem is she hasn’t got anyone to watch her back all the time. I took to Harper straight away with her sassy ways that won’t let her back down. The story is constantly busy with her personal life being as scary as her time reporting. There has been history between Luke one of the detectives working the murder case and her in the past, so can she trust him? Strange things are happening in her life.

The author had herself been a journalist for a number of years, reporting on murder cases from a pretty young age. This shows in the credible story line and total captivation of any reader that will begin this book. The story has plenty to carry on with already for the next gem to be written. Very much on my list of one to watch out for.


As a​ ​​newspaper​ ​reporter, Christi Daugherty began covering murders at the age of 22. She worked as a journalist for years in cities including Savannah, Baton Rouge, and New Orleans. The Echo Killing is her first crime novel.


Find out more and win signed books by visiting her website: www.ChristiDaugherty.com.

You can also follow Christi on Twitter: @CJ_Daugherty

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CJAuthor/


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