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Praise for Cathy Hopkins:
‘Funny and feelgood’ Good Housekeeping
‘Warm, funny and uplifting’ Reader’s Digest

On a trip of a lifetime to India, Bea is given an unexpected fiftieth birthday present – an hour with a celebrated clairvoyant. Unlucky in love, Bea learns that her true soulmate is still out there ̶ and that he’s someone she knew in a past life.

Returning home, Bea revisits the men in her life and can’t resist looking up a few old lovers – the Good, the Bad and the… well, the others. As Bea connects with the ones that got away, she suspects that her little black book has remained shut for a reason. But one man out there has her in his sights.
They say love is blind and maybe Bea just needs an eye test…

Funny and wise, this is the perfect read for anyone who believes in finding love, no matter what their age.


Blast from the Past


I loved this story and Bea. Three life long friends had ventured to India all celebrating their fiftieth birthdays. On the last day they all exchange gifts. The gift from her best friend is for them all to visit a clairvoyant while they are in India. Not Bea’s thing at all but she goes along with it. Bea is told that she has to meet her soul mate, who she may already know from her past. They had fallen in love in a previous life but both died too young. Now she had to find him to achieve true happiness. I loved this book already and I had only read a couple of chapters.

What follows is at times hilarious, sad, beautiful and totally swoonable, as Bea makes a list of all her past lovers, crushes and possible matches to try to track down this perfect partner for her. I loved going with her on these dates and discovering her memories of what they were like to who they had now become all these years later. At times it was quite sad at how many dreams and hopes had been crushed. As the list got shorter I had my favourite as to who it could be.

There is also the story running side by side from the past as she was determined to discover if the names of the couple she had been given by the clairvoyant, really had existed. This was a beautiful story in itself. This is an all round totally good feel story that makes me quite fuzzy every time I think of it. Just lovely!

A super ending, loved the concept of it all.

I wish to thank NetGalley and the publisher for an e-copy of this book which I have reviewed honestly.


Cathy Hopkins

Cathy lives in Bath with her husband and three cats. In her spare time, she is happiest digging, planting or reading in the garden or on a walk with friends in the local countryside – usually ending in a pub.


Twitter: @CathyHopkins1


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