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‘Tracy Buchanan writes moving, gripping, heartbreakingly real family drama.’ Susan Lewis, Sunday Times bestselling author

‘An ambitious and deeply poignant story that will take you into another world.’ Heat

‘Beautiful, heartbreaking, uplifting … Really worth a read.’ Hello!

How far would you go to find the truth?

Since Amber lost her child ten years ago, her sole focus has been keeping her small business afloat. Her life seems to be on hold, until the morning she finds a girl on the beach outside her gift shop. A girl who has no shoes, no name, and no idea where she came from.

As a wildlife documentary maker, Gwyneth’s work has taken her all over the world. But when she has a terrible accident in the remote Scottish Highlands, she is saved by the McClusky family and taken into their home. However, there is more to this family than meets the eye, and a long-held secret is threatening to tear them apart…

Amber and Gwyenth are at the beginning of a journey that will change each of their lives forever in this twisting, emotional new novel, perfect for fans of Susan Lewis and Amanda Prowse.


The Family Secret


Set on two-time lines this follows the stories of two women, one in 1989 and the other in 2009.

When Amber and her mum are out walking on a bitterly cold day, they find a teenager wandering on the beach without coat or shoes and no memory of who she is. She is taken to a local hospital where Amber’s ex-husband is a doctor. Amber feels a moment of guilt about leaving the young women there on her own and decides that the quickest way for her to regain her memories is by more radical methods.

Back in 1989 Gwyneth has to be rescued from a frozen Loch she has fallen into by nothing short of a Prince Charming, Dylan, who is the son the local Scottish land owner. The whole family is so welcoming with a tradition of not turning strangers away and welcoming them to stay and eat. Chemistry isn’t long before it works between the pair.

Amber has many problems from her own past but the pull to help this young women is impossible for her not to listen to. What begins as a mission to help this young girl affects so many lives from the past to present day, including her own. The main characters in the story are so easy to like and get behind and will on to find out who the unknown girl is. Then the back drop story and love story made for the perfect balance.

It is very much a story where the more you find out the more questions it opens up. I loved the setting, a lot of which was in Scotland, that at times felt like it was further back in time than it was. It really is a story of discovery, far more than I ever thought it would be.


Tracy Buchanan

Hello! Fab to see you here. I live in Buckinghamshire, UK with my husband, my little girl and our (very naughty) puppy, Bronte.

I travelled extensively while working as a travel magazine editor, and have always been drawn to the sea after spending my childhood holidays on the south coast visiting family – a fascination that inspires my writing.

I now dedicate my time to writing and procrastinating on Facebook.

I’d love to hear from you so please come say hi on one of the following platforms… plus if you join The Reading Snug I’ve set up with fellow authors, Kelly Rimmer and Kerry Fisher, you might even bag yourself some freebies including an early copy of my latest novel, The Lost Sister!






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