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Firstly I wish to thank Caroline Vincent of Bits About Books for inviting me on the Blog Tour for TAINTED by David Evans



A botched attempt to extort money has tragic consequences.
An embarrassing DNA match to an unsolved rape and murder twenty years before means DI Colin Strong has to use his best diplomatic tactics.
Simultaneously, journalist Bob Souter is tasked with writing about that same case to re-focus public attention. Will the newspaper’s actions help or hinder the police?
Meanwhile, Strong’s team has two separate murder enquiries to run.
With their friendship under duress, will Souter and Strong be able to work together?


Tainted: A DI Colin Strong Investigation (The Wakefield Series Book 4)



This is the fourth book in this super series which is set in Wakefield not long after the turn of the new century. I really connect with these books as I lived in this area at the time that the stories are set. I can easily visualise the streets and town how it use to be, the pubs and shops. Even where it all begins in this story. The murder that goes down in the park in present day, is one that will link to an unsolved murder from 20 years before. A case that is already firmly in the eyes of Journalist Bob Souter as a public interest sort of story and a jog memories article to try to get some justice finally for the 14-year-old victim and her family.

The story does relate back to previous books so it is a good idea to take a look at those too, if you have the time. The last book was very emotional which is why Souter is more than anxious at present day events. He really has been through the mill in his life and had more than his fair share of tragedy.

DI Colin Strong’s mind is quite occupied too with a suggestion that has been put to him, but he had been conned once before, was it worth taking a chance again, it could be his last one if he was ever going to get any higher in his job.

The stories flow well together and although Souter and Strong have crossed paths before, which has been beneficial to them both, they do have a tendency to hold back snippets of information that give them an edge against each other. Susan who works with Souter and was taken under his wing after a case she was involved in, has grown in confidence throughout the books, stepping up in her role to help out preoccupied Souter in this novel. She does give rise to some scary moments though with the chances she takes.

This is a real down to earth and gritty police procedural on the brink of the massive changes that technology differences of today make. Love the detailed descriptions of the areas, the chases and the emotional every day problems that make them who they are. A super addition to this classic series that captures an era.


Delighted to have The Wakefield Series re-published in paperback and ebook formats. The crime fiction series set primarily in Yorkshire, consists of TROPHIES, TORMENT, which was shortlisted in the prestigious Crime Writers Association Debut Dagger in 2013, and TALISMAN. Also planned for release in February 2019 is TAINTED, the fourth Wakefield novel.
Previously, The Wakefield Series became an International Best Seller in June 2017.
Also available is DISPOSAL, the first of The Tendring Series, a new crime series set in north Essex in the late 1970s.


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Torment: A DI Colin Strong Investigation (The Wakefield Series Book 2)

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