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Don’t Turn Around: A heart-stopping gripping domestic suspense by [Brooke, Amanda]


She died.

You’re next.

Now he’s coming for you

Ten years ago, Jen’s cousin Meg killed herself after failing to escape an abusive relationship.

Now, Meg’s ex is back and Jen’s domestic abuse helpline has started getting frightening calls from a girl who knows things about Meg – details that only the dead girl or the man who hurt her could have known…

As Jen starts to uncover the past, someone is determined to stop her. Can she save this young woman from Meg’s fate? Or is history about to repeat itself?


Don’t Turn Around


Ten years ago when Meg took her own life, after being unable to escape an abusive relationship, some of her family’s way of dealing with it was to try to give troubled women someone to listen to them and let them know they weren’t on their own. The family set up a help line called Lean on Me, where I am sure over the years they had saved many lives but when a new caller seems to be going down the exact path that Meg  did it rings alarm bells. Could the monster that drove Meg to ending her life be doing the same to another young woman. They knew Meg’s ex Lewis was back in town. If they are to save this woman they have to track her down.

This is such an emotional read with so many taboo subjects rearing their heads. The return of Meg’s ex opens festering wounds in the family that simply won’t heal. They feel that justice was never served to the guilty man who drove her to end her life. As the family becomes obsessed it becomes a race against time. No-one will listen to them so Jen, Meg’s cousin, becomes his stalker. Lewis has always sworn his innocence, one victim was too much she won’t let it be two.

This story has a terrible sadness about it but the characters are perfectly formed and react to situations in realistic and convincing ways. It is this that makes it an outstanding read.

Meg’s suicide left a lot said and no answers, clues with clues in clues. I don’t know if you can ever feel peace when someone you love takes their life perhaps you can only accept what you can’t change. This is a gripping read to start with and turns into one that made me totally numbed.

I wish to thank NetGalley and the publisher for an e-copy of this book which I have reviewed honestly.


Amanda Brooke lives in Liverpool with her teenage daughter, Jessica. When her three-year-old son died from cancer, Amanda was determined that his legacy would be one of inspiration. Yesterday’s Sun is inspired by her experiences of motherhood.




Don’t Turn Around: A heart-stopping gripping domestic suspense by [Brooke, Amanda]

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