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Missing, Murder Suspected by [Stone, Austin]


Missing, Murder Suspected is a crime novel based around a trilogy of true crime events.

The first, “Love and Hate amongst the Chickens” was publicly known as ‘The Chicken Run Murder‘ of 1924, where John Norman Thorne murdered his fianc’e Elsie Cameron.

The second, “A House of Horror” was also based on the true crime known as ‘The Buck Ruxton Jig-Saw Murders‘ of 1935. This crime involved the double murders by Dr.Buck Ruxton of his wife Isabella and her nursemaid Mary Rogerson.

The third, “Four Sacks for a Shroud” is about the ‘Luton Sack Murder‘ of 1943, where, during WW2, a London fireman, Bertie Manton was driven into a killing rage by his wife Rene.

“Although at times this may read as fiction, only a minimum of ‘author’s license‘ is involved, every fact being authentic, every conversation based on the evidence of witnesses. In this way it is hoped that the reader will be able to appreciate fully the tension and drama, as well as the workings of providence, which often conspire to bring tragedy into the lives of ordinary people.” — Austin Stone


Missing, Murder Suspected




I quite often read hot off the press crime fiction novels and love them. I can say that about those books because to corner a well-known phrase ‘No-one got hurt in the making of them’. This is different this is a true crime novel and people died. This is the victims stories, that of the men that murdered them, how they were caught, had trials and faced the consequences of what they had done. The other unusual thing was that all the murders had taken place years ago with the majority of the story written 2 years before I was born.

The stories of the each of the three cases have been reconstructed from the statements of family and friends that knew  the victims and murderers, followed by police interviews, post mortems and subsequent trials. In this instance knowing the outcome of each story certainly didn’t spoil the gut wrenching punch that they left me with.

As each of the cases facts are laid out, there isn’t any sentiment as it reads more like a documentary with a reconstruction of events that lead up to the murders, the lies and cover ups that follow before discovery and eventual disclosure of what had gone on in detail, including autopsy reports of the injuries.

The book is perfection itself in detail and structure, extremely professional and 100% fascinating. There was no way that I could stop before each case was concluded and it was a must to carry on to the next. Each murder was followed by the whole of the country, who were at times divided on the guilt of each man. The most macabre for me was the second case and the one that affected me the greatest. Two victims and so much blood. Oh wow, this man had an answer for everything. Cool, sophisticated and terribly smug. He really made me read with a lump in my throat.

This book was discovered after the death of the author and edited by his son years later. It is faultless. A real credit to them both. Highly recommended!


AUSTIN STONE (1904-1979) was a well known crime novelist and BBC playwright between the years 1936 and 1955. Most of his books and plays were based on historically True Crime events and were published in several languages for overseas readers. Prior to “Missing, Murder Suspected”, his last published book was “In the Shadow”, a novel based on the ‘Camden Town Murder’ of 1907, published in 1953. This famous murder has since been possibly linked to ‘Jack the Ripper’ by the famous American crime novelist Patricia Cornwell and also as depicted by artist Walter Sickert….


This is a link to Eddie Stone’s FB Page which he has dedicated to his father and his books. He always welcomes anyone that would like to know more about his father’s life, work and books.



Twitter: @books_ed


Missing, Murder Suspected by [Stone, Austin]

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