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Firstly I wish to thank Jill Burkinshaw of Books_n_all for inviting me to take part on the review for To the Moon and Back by Patricia Asedegbega Nieto



Is there always a light at the end of every tunnel? 26 year old Anne is seriously beginning to question if she is ever going to find it. After a series of devastating blows, the young nurse finally catches a break; Ben, the love of her life asks her to marry him and it suddenly feels like she can start to smile again. But Anne has a secret that is threatening to destroy it all and this time, there is no easy way out. Will she be able to beat the odds and have the happy ending she has always longed for?


…to the moon and back (Anne Book 1)


This story is set in Nigeria where traditions and culture still play a major part in family life. This story follows the life of Anne who has had more than her share of sadness. At 26 her father had died years ago and her mother more recently, leaving her owing borrowed money for her mother’s funereal still needing to be paid back to family and friends. Anne had worked every hour that she could, as a mid-wife at the hospital and thought that her feeling unwell was down to fatigue but it was much worse. Ben had asked Anne to marry him but she knew she couldn’t she left a note calling the wedding off and disappeared.

I really like reading stories from different cultures to my own and feel so much for the women who are still thought of more like a commodity than for who they are. It is difficult as I don’t want to say what the problem is in the story but it is quite shocking that criteria have to be met in a marriage with no compassion. Love seems to be way down on the list.

I really loved getting to know the characters in the story, especially Anne who had to overcome so many huge obstacles and prejudices in her life. There were some really unusual friendships formed, which at first I didn’t trust but there again Anne has a sparkle about her that when anyone really lets themselves get to know her realise they have a loyal friend.

I loved how the story developed and got my wish that I wanted to happen. An eye opener of a story which I got really carried away with and enjoyed.


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I live in sunny Spain and have been writing for about six years now. I started with a collection of cat stories to raise funds for a shelter and then moved on to my first suspense novel. I write both in Spanish and English and have series in both languages. Though I am a biologist, writing is my true passion. I feel incredibly lucky to be able to do what I love.





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