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Whiteout (Red Eye Book 10) by [Dylan, Gabriel]


Charlie hopes that the school ski trip will be the escape from his unhappy home life he so desperately needs. But there is something wrong with the remote ski village of Kaldgellan. Something is out there, something ancient and evil, among the pines and the deep untracked drifts, watching and waiting. And when the storms blow in, Charlie and his schoolmates wake to find the resort deserted. Cut off from the rest of the world far below, as night falls the few left alive on the snowbound mountain will wish they were somewhere, anywhere else. Only ski guide Hanna seems to know of Kaldgellan’s long-buried secrets, but whether Charlie can trust her is another question…

A chilling RED EYE horror, perfect for fans of Dawn Kurtagich, Juno Dawson and Charlie Higson.


Whiteout (Red Eye Book 10)


This was your typical school skiing trip, with your typical kids. The queen bitch, the good-looking guy, the tough girl, the weird kid and the wannabes so it wasn’t long before I had them all firmly fixed in my mind as people from my school days. The addition to the group was a girl not much older than them called Hanna who was a ski guide at the remote Austrian resort.

Charlie is the weird kid, he dresses shabby with poor equipment  and keeps himself quite isolated from the group but he soon finds himself having a run in with Hanna when he is being reckless on the slopes. When they all go to bed they waken to find that a blizzard has arrived and all the adults and residents of the village have disappeared. Then things get really creepy.

There is no way off the mountain and no way of communicating with anyone either. The hand of fate throws a mixed group together not by their choice but simply being in a spot at the same time. This is a things that go more than a bump in the night story, it is creepy and heart pounding for the group with situations that bring out the best and worst in these kids.

YA’s will love this book, the characters will be recognisable to them and I would think they would have their own ideas of what is going on and what to do. A story they could see themselves in as heroes. I can also see this as a Netflix film. The characters aren’t together by choice, the group wouldn’t work back home, so besides what is happening there is tension between them. There is of course lots of blood and gore and situations that make you want to squint at the pages because you know things are going to go wrong. The bets are open as to who will still be standing at the end, if anyone. I really liked the end, very shudder worthy.

I wish to thank NetGalley and the publisher for an e-copy of this book which I have reviewed honestly


Gabriel is a secondary school teacher who spends his free time living the double life of a YA author.

Daddy to two small fighty boys, and a keen surfer and snowboarder, Gabriel loves travelling to snowy or beachy destinations, and reading horror and fantasy novels.

The idea for his debut novel came to him whilst leading a Sixth form ski trip to the wilds of Austria and wishing a horde of vampires would descend from the trees and devour the students who weren’t behaving.

YA horror WHITEOUT, will be released on 10 January by Stripes Publishing.


Twitter: @GabrielDylanYA


Whiteout (Red Eye Book 10) by [Dylan, Gabriel]

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