Avenge My Chief (The Lost Land Series Book 2) by Teresa Schulz #Trilogy @vetgirl4



It is now 2035 and Gen and Nate MacGregor’s family have overcome the traumatic upheaval in their lives since the oil ran out. Five years on and they are finally looking forward to some ‘quiet’ years together.
The rest of the world though, is not surviving these times quite so well as the MacGregors. Thousands have died from starvation. Wars have broken out in many countries over dwindling resources. Cities have crumbled as the world’s leaders and infrastructure has failed, leaving survivors to deal with life in whatever way they can. Many who have made it this far, have done so with cunning and ruthlessness.
The cruel twist of fate’s knife is felt once again when newcomers to Arrow Valley betray their generosity and Gen finds herself in danger, again, of losing everything she loves.
Will the strong head of this family, once again show true-grit in the face of death? Battles of the mind and heart cannot be waged with swords.
Avenge My Chief is the exciting new sequel to Barbed Wire and Daisies.


Avenge My Chief (The Lost Land Series Book 2)


It had been a while since I had read the first book in this series, Barbed Wire and Daisies but within the first chapter of this book it had all come back to me. What is so striking about this series is it could easily be a look back on our own history and how we abuse our resources. The world had used up all the land and seas oil resources and the stocks had been fought over. Millions had died from the wars and starvation.

Gen and Nate were surrounded by their family and trusted friends in their own community in Arrow Valley. Neil was the first person that any travellers came across when entering the valley, where he would assess them. let them in or turn them away. When a bunch travellers arrived saying they were traders he let them in, something he would never forgive himself for.

Although the core of this story is a message for the world to heed, the story that surrounds it is  one not to be missed. The characters are as large as life, I really liked Neil and his quite quirky ways, especially his bond with his unusual eagle.  It feels like a step back in time in this small community from the isolation to the basics in medical care but the biggest fear is that of unknown strangers. Life goes on, people die and life is born. This is a story of love loss and never giving up. Just brilliant!


Teresa Schulz

Teresa Schulz lives in Feilding, New Zealand. She is a mother, a rescuer of stray animals who follow her children home, a collector of dragons and anything Celtic.
She loves to read books by Diana Gabaldon (Outlander Series), George R R Martin (Game of Thrones), JK Rowling (Harry Potter) and J R R Tolkien (Lord of the Rings) to name a few.
She loves to get lost in her imaginary world of adventure and far away places. Always on the lookout for a bit of humor in her day or some new unique soul to add life to the characters in her next novel.


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