The Things You Didn’t See by Ruth Dugdall @RuthDugdall #BookReview

The Things You Didn't See: An emotional psychological suspense novel where nothing is as it seems by [Dugdall, Ruth]


Her instincts are telling her something isn’t right…

On a chilly morning in rural Suffolk, Cassandra Hawke is woken by a gunshot. Her mother is clinging on to her life, the weapon still lying nearby. Everyone thinks it’s attempted suicide—but none of it makes any sense to Cass. She’s certain there’s more to it than meets the eye.

With everyone telling her she’s paranoid, Cass finds an unlikely ally in student paramedic Holly. Holly’s synaesthesia means she’s able to sense other people’s feelings, and she is convinced something is wrong. Together they try to uncover the truth … but is there more to Holly’s interest than she’s letting on?

With her family and loved ones at risk, Cass must ask herself: is she ready to hear the truth, and can she deal with the consequences?


The Things You Didn’t See: An emotional psychological suspense novel where nothing is as it seems


When student paramedic Holly is called to a farm-house she knows that it isn’t the first time that she has been there. When she was a young girl she had followed her big brother and his friends to the farm on Halloween night, in the hope to see a ghost. When they saw a white figure crossing the farm-yard her brother shot a gun at it. Holly never knew the outcome of that night.

Holly had been bullied at school by Cass, the daughter of the woman at the farm who had reportedly attempted to commit suicide, Cass didn’t seem to recall it. One thing they both had in common now was that neither of them believed that this had been an attempt to commit suicide.

There is quite a quirky addition to this story as Holly has a condition called synaesthesia, which means she can see feelings and moods as colours. I really liked this side of the story, especially as it is a genuine condition. Holly knew that it was time to solve the mystery from the past as well as what had really happened in the farm-house, with Cass’s mum. If it wasn’t suicide then it had to be something more sinister.

The characters I felt were well-developed, I really liked Holly and there were plenty of wrong avenues to venture down. An entertaining read. I wish to thank NetGalley for my copy of this e-book which I have reviewed honestly.


Ruth Dugdall

Ruth studied English at university and then took an MA is Social Work. Following this she worked in the Criminal Justice System as a social worker then as a probation officer. Part of this time was spent seconded to a prison housing serious offenders. She continues to work within the Criminal Justice System, most recently in Luxembourg.
Ruth’s novels are informed by her experience and are “authentic and credible”.

Ruth’s first novel, The James Version, is a historical fiction based on the actual murder of Maria Marten at the Red Barn in Suffolk. The story is re-told with a fresh light on who really killed Maria.

Her second novel, The Woman Before Me, won the Debut Dagger in 2005. It is the story of Rose Wilks, a female stalker imprisoned for killing a child, who claims to be innocent.

Her third novel, The Sacrificial Man, was published in 2011.
It is the story on an Internet suicide pact that goes wrong.

Humber Boy B, set in Ruth’s birthplace Hull, was published in 2015 as was Nowhere Girl, which is set in Luxembourg.

Apart from The James Version, all of Ruth’s books feature probation officer Cate Austin. “Probation officers have more face-to-face contact with criminals than any other profession,” she says, “they are the unsung heroes of the Criminal Justice System.”


The Things You Didn't See: An emotional psychological suspense novel where nothing is as it seems by [Dugdall, Ruth]


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