A Kill For the Poet (Chaser on the Rocks #2) by Simon Maltman @simonmaltman #KindleUnlimited



A Kill for the Poet is the sequel to the acclaimed and bestselling A Chaser on the Rocks. It can also be read as a standalone novel. Follow Brian Caskey, as this mystery noir reveals a detective with many flaws and personal problems. He becomes embroiled with a dangerous criminal network, while trying to battle his mental health issues, and work on his own writing. This ‘story within a story,’ also follows Caskey’s own creation: P.I Billy Chapman, as he unravels a murder mystery in the 1940’s


A Kill for the Poet (A Chaser on the Rocks Book 2)


Don’t read too fast when you start this book as there is quite a lot to take in and it can get a little bit confusing. Once I went over it a second time I got the gist of it. One character is writing about a second character in a different time zone. So now you will be totally confused. It does all come together and your brain manages to slot the right bit into the right place as you are reading.

P.I. Brian Caskey  has mental health problems and has to take anti-psychotic meds as paranoid episodes regularly occur, you just have to work out what is real and what is in his mind. Caskey had been in the police force but now takes on P.I. work as well as dabbling as a writer. This is where you get two stories running in the same book as one is written and one is told.  Caskey drops his story back to the 1940’s and P.I. Billy Chapman takes the lead role, who is from the present day time line.

In his own P.I. role Caskey is hired just to watch someone but the detective in him won’t let him sit back on his heels. Each time the man hiring him tells him a little more about the case and ups what he is paying him, again telling him just to watch. He drives his long suffering ex-wife crazy as she worries about what he gets up to.

There is plenty action in the story lines which take place in Belfast with a little outing to Belgium. I did take me a while to get a grip with it all but I did enjoy this book. There is more to come in the series I am sure.


Simon Maltman

Simon Maltman is a Best-selling crime fiction author from Northern Ireland.



Twitter: @simonmaltman




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