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Too Close by [Daniels, Natalie]


For fans of THE GIRLFRIEND and THE WIFE BETWEEN US, TOO CLOSE is a twisting tale of friendship and betrayal.

How close is too close?

Connie and Ness met in the park while their children played. As they talked, they realised they were neighbours. Perhaps it was only natural that they and their families would become entirely inseparable.

But when Ness’s marriage ends in a bitter divorce, she is suddenly at Connie’s house all the time. Connie doesn’t have a moment to herself, no time alone with her husband, not a second to chat to her kids.

It’s all too much. Something has to give.

Connie has woken up in a psychiatric hospital. They say she committed a terrible crime but she says she can’t remember a thing.


Too Close


The story revolves round Connie, from the day she met Ness in the park. They both had children that after a brief smartie war moment became best friends so it was enviable that they became friends too, then both families. In no time at all Connie became a little concerned, Ness took on the same hair style as her, then was wearing her favourite perfume. When Ness and her partner broke up she began to spend more time at Connie’s and Connie had, had enough. Then the story jumps to find Connie in a psychiatric unit,

This is one of those stories that lets you know that something massive has happened but not what it is, then it drops back to drip feed the story of the terrible event that happened and finishes a few chapters down the line from where it started. I must admit that this type of story really hooks me every time.

Connie was as clueless as me as to why she was in this secure unit but Emma, her psychiatrist, was working with her from a point she could remember in her own time. As well as all this going on there are diary entries from Connie’s daughter and the problems of Emma in her private life. This story is so well written though that it is easy to follow. I have to admit here that Emma’s story became quite a fascination too as a more than weird relationship developed between her and Connie.

This is such a dark story, that takes you down roads that you should really step back from and think, ‘Is this what I want?’ because sometimes when a line is crossed it can’t be erased. My mind was ready for exploding in a cascade of fury, hurt and betrayal, as my heart went out to Connie. The author masterfully takes you into the mind of Connie to share how she sees the world and at times it is overwhelming with such extreme emotions. The question is will Connie be able to finally face what happened as her mind had shut down once already. A brilliant read.

I wish to thank NetGalley and Ella at Transworld Publishing for an e-copy of this book which I have reviewed honestly.


Natalie Daniel

Natalie Daniels is the pseudonym for screenwriter, author and actress Clara Salaman who you may recognise as DS Claire Stanton from The Bill. She lives in London and in Northern Spain.


Too Close by [Daniels, Natalie]


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