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Dating Daisy by [Mae, Daisy]


What happens when you are recently divorced – and aged 52?
Why – you try a little online dating of course!
This book has been described as a cross between ‘Sex in the City’, and ‘Bridget Jones’ Diary!’ Most people reading it have said that they laughed out loud!
Daisy Mae has left her horrible marriage to ex-husband Voldemort. She bravely takes the plunge, chooses a dating site, writes her profile and uploads the photograph! Daisy has not had to think about dating for nearly three decades. The whole dating scene is intimidating. Read how she rises to the challenge with hilarious results!
Daisy continues to work at her job in the sexual health clinic, and writes frank and vivid tales of her medical encounters. She muses too, on her past medical training, and tell stories about contraception and sexual health you have probably never read anywhere else!
Daisy has the support of wayward daughter Imogen, her outrageous friend Pinky, her octagenarian friend Jeannie in the Nursing Home, and her friends ‘the Amigos!’
Don’t miss Dating Daisys’ Kissing Tips, and Anti-snoring Tips!
The book is full of icons, emails, limericks, poems, jokes and even a Recipe for Love!


Dating Daisy


If you have ever been on the internet dating scene then I am sure that you will connect with the vast array of characters in this book. Daisy is 52, divorced and ready to try her hand at finding a new man to share her future with. Easy you might think but it was often a case of what you see isn’t always what you get!

The stories of the men she meets are anything from con men to the desperately lonely wanting anyone to love them, each with their own sad stories. There are some hilarious meetings, from men using photos taken years before to dramatic height differences. There are times when on-line connections between her and some of the men have a buzz but they lacked the physical attraction for her. After a couple of weeks of learning the basics, Daisy makes a tick list of rules to follow, unfortunately rarely does she manage to keep to them herself.

Daisy is a sexual health doctor and there are chapters that revolve round this aspect of her life too. There are some rather crazy people out there that have some pretty weird ways. I don’t know how she kept a straight face in real life. Additional chapters are on how to kiss and the differences between the more intimate areas to investigate, contraceptives and sexually transmitted diseases.

There are times when the story does get a little repetitive but it is still very enjoyable. I really got behind Daisy in finding Mr. Right. This is a book that you can read chunks of and find a place to stop and go back to it later. There is far more to this book than you first think.


Daisy Mae

I was born in Germany as my father was in the British Army and was stationed out there. I went to boarding school between the ages of 10 and 17, which was a very formative experience. I then went to Southampton University and obtained a degree in Medicine, and since then I have been working in the NHS for the past 30 years. I was a GP for 8 years, but then I moved into Sexual and Reproductive Health. I have always been passionate about Women’s Health. I have been lead in my service for Contraception and Sexual Health for the past 16 years, and run my own Menopause Clinic. I have always loved writing and have a list of medical publications. But reading and writing fiction is my real love and has been a hobby for a long time. I embarked on an MA in Creative Writing a few years ago. I only completed 4 modules as I had to go back to work full time, but I loved it and it gave me the confidence to finish my book Dating Daisy. Now, I just can’t stop writing!




Twitter: @daisy_sharer
Dating Daisy by [Mae, Daisy]

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