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A quaint hotel in a romantic location. The Lake District is the perfect getaway. Or is it?
Felicity Everdene needs a break from the family business. Driving through the Lake District to the Cross Hotel, past the shining lake and the mountains, everything seems perfect. But Felicity soon discovers all is not well at the Cross Hotel …
Patrick Cross left the village of Emmside years ago never intending to return, but his father has left him the family’s hotel in his will, and now he’s forced to come back. With a missing barmaid, a grumpy chef, and the hotel losing money, the arrival of Felicity Everdene from the notorious Everdene family only adds to Patrick’s troubles.
With so much to overcome, can Felicity and Patrick bring happiness to the Cross Hotel … and find happiness for themselves?


Felicity at the Cross Hotel: The perfect feel good romance for lovers of happy endings


What a wonderful pick me up read this book is. Fliss just shone from every page she was on with her never-ending energy supply and infectious good feel factor, it really was impossible not to like this young woman. Well that is unless you were grumpy Patrick Cross that felt quite trapped between a rock and a hard place. Patrick had left years before under a dark cloud, swearing never to return but his father had died and his mum couldn’t be expected to take on the failing hotel, that Patrick’s father had left him, on her own.

Fliss was the daughter of a very successful businessman and owner of a chain of the prestigious Everdene  hotels, he was renowned for his savage take overs. Fliss was taking a break from the business and her mum had suggested she lend a hand at Cross hotel. Fliss’s mum and Patrick’s mum were life long friends. Fliss may have dressed like a spoilt Princess but she could roll her sleeves up and get stuck into anything.

What a super story this is. I loved the staff whose characters reflected the tired and quite dated hotel. Fliss was certainly the Mary Poppins in this story that made the magic happen, even with Mr. Grumpy when he found that he could actually smile. They each have hidden secrets and a stubbornness that made me want to shake my kindle till they saw sense. Where there is a fairy tale type story there is of course a villain that made a happy ending all the more worth while. A gorgeous setting, beautiful descriptions and a good feel factor punch in the air story. Just lovely!


Helena Fairfax is a British author who was born in Uganda and came to England as a child. She’s grown used to the cold now, and these days she lives in an old Victorian mill town in the north of England, right next door to the windswept Yorkshire moors and the home of the Bronte sisters. She walks this romantic landscape every day with her rescue dog, finding it the perfect place to dream up her heroes and her happy endings.


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FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/helena.fairfax.9




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