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I originally won a signed copy Mutilated, the second book in this trilogy, in an auction on Crime Book UK but also purchased all three books from Amazon for my kindle. This has been one awesome series, in fact I am so impressed that now I am starting the next series of books by Will Patching.



A ‘coming of age’ psychological thriller to make your toes curl…

This, the final instalment of the Remorseless trilogy, is here. A gripping suspense story that’s definitely the author’s darkest yet – and quite possibly his best.

Not for the faint-hearted. Contains disturbing imagery and some profanity. You have been warned…

In brief:

When Doc Powers wakes to find a deadly message left at his country property, he and his friend Detective Inspector Jack Carver are sucked into a nightmare investigation into a precocious teenager – a budding psychopath with violence running through his veins…

Can they stop him achieving his aim of celebrating his ‘coming of age’ – a spectacular finale involving gasoline and explosives? The lad’s mother and grandmother – the victims of his ongoing campaign of psychological torment – are in serious jeopardy.

But so are Doc and Jack…

Find out the thrilling outcome in Gaslighting – the third ‘stand alone’ novel in this dark, gritty, British Crime Thriller trilogy. Please note: This psychological suspense story contains spoilers so you are advised to read the award winning first book (Remorseless) to maximize enjoyment, although this is not essential.


Gaslighting: A British Crime Thriller (Doc Powers & D.I. Carver Investigate Book 3)



You really need to have read Remorseless to get the fully impact of this, the final book in the trilogy but really do yourself a favour and read all three!

There are a couple of explanations in the front of this book with the meaning of Gaslighting explained, hence the title but I will leave you to find out yourself. A few years have gone by since the events of the first book happened, which left the damaged mind of a young boy festering away, with an additional rather lethal mix of nature and nurture brewing around in his head too. He is far wiser than his years, very intelligent and a cunning manipulating psycho with a devastating plan. A coming of age debut to mark his 16th birthday!

So there isn’t any guessing about who the bad lad is in this story as he quite proudly sets about his plan to wreak revenge on the people that he hates. The ones that caused the downfall of his hero and well there is no better place to start than at home. Billy could get an Oscar for his acting and attentive care of his gran but whoa is he sick. Ok he was really messed up as a kid (The Remorseless book 1) but bloody hell! My mind was in overdrive thinking about the savagery he could come up with in the next 10 minutes never mind in the future as a man!!!!!

Doc and Carver are back together, love this pairing but not everyone is happy. It is a case of be careful what you wish for sort of stuff. There is heart-break, there is death and there is Doc struggling more than ever with very deep and disturbing thoughts. Oh boy I really love this man more with every book. I know, I know, I should know better but I am truly fascinated by Doc. This story gets up close and personal between this psycho kid and Doc. I have never felt so helpless as a reader.

This is a fabulous conclusion to this trilogy, which at one point I had to just stop reading and calm my emotional overdrive down. I hope that somewhere down the line Will Patching brings these two, Doc and Carver back out for another book, even just a one-off. This has been an outstanding series. My favourite this year!


Will Patching

Will Patching writes gritty crime stories that mix murder mystery, psychological suspense and intense thrills while offering unique insights into the darker side of human nature. His ‘pull no punches’ style and sparse but often brutal descriptive passages will not suit all readers, so if you are into cozy mysteries you might want to look elsewhere!

With complex plots and rounded characters, Will’s novels are necessarily longer than average, usually well over 100,000 words, so these are definitely stories designed for readers who like to really get their teeth into a good yarn!

Now considered something of an expert on psychopaths, thanks to his extensive research and personal experience of people with this personality disorder, Will set up a popular website to help lay readers understand these destructive individuals and why their existence is so important to society in general.

To visit the site:

Will’s writing draws heavily on this expertise but his novels are designed to entertain rather than educate – though many readers appreciate both aspects of his writing. He is currently working on completing two trilogies, though each novel is a self-contained story.

The first novel in each trilogy, Remorseless and The Hack, are already published, with the sequels due in late 2016 and early 2017 respectively. The third and final installments are expected by the end of 2017.

Personal background:

Will Patching was born and raised in ‘Sarf Lunnon’, Engerland, or at least, that’s how he pronounces it! Hence, many scenes from his novels are situated in London, the surrounding suburbs and other parts of southeast England, though they also span as far afield as Thailand and the USA.

His approach to writing is to hit the reader with hard truths about the world we live in, and his mysteries, thrillers, and suspense novels are designed to get your pulse pounding. One male reader decided he needed to check his door locks late one night while reading Remorseless and subsequently commented on social media:

‘Seriously scary!’

Will’s eclectic professional experience – from his teenage role as a ‘gardener’ weeding sewage treatment filter beds, through flying a Hawk jet very fast, very low and very dangerously before the RAF realised and booted him out, then attending Harvard on a course for potential CEOs, largely thanks to the Peter Principle of promotion, and more recently, to building his dream, a charter yacht that sank in SE Asian waters – all have led to a rich and varied life, often reflected in his writing.

If you would like to know more about this indie author you might like to join Will’s Readers Group. You’ll also gain exclusive access to novel backstories, author insights, prize draws and more, including notification whenever a new novel is released.

To find out more:







Remorseless: A British Crime Thriller (Doc Powers & D.I. Carver Investigate Book 1)

Remorseless: A British Crime Thriller (Doc Powers & D.I. Carver Investigate Book 1)

Mutilated: A British Crime Thriller (Doc Powers & D.I. Carver Investigate Book 2)

Mutilated: A British Crime Thriller (Doc Powers & D.I. Carver Investigate Book 2)


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