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‘You could lose someone down there, couldn’t you? Anyone could get buried under the concrete slab, and no one would even know!’ The Beauregarde women have lived in the shadow of The Seminary for four generations. And there is nothing conventional about Marcela, or her family. When the decadent and obsessive Gordana acquires the iconic Sydney property and invites a television crew to film the building’s transformation into a magnificent showpiece, strangers suddenly penetrate Marcela’s world, each with a dark secret of their own. But Marcela conceals a sinister bond which inextricably ties her to the derelict estate, holding the power to not only unravel Gordana’s grand designs, but expose bloodstained treachery, long-buried betrayals and lies.

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The Legacy of Beauregarde


The story begins with an enticing advertisement of an unusual building, that of the ruins of The Seminary built-in 1877 for the Catholic Church and now in desperate need of renovation from anyone with a bottomless bank balance. The property has been left to the elements for the past twenty years with the year now set as 1990 and the location Sydney, Australia.

The book is divided into 8 sections each with an abundance of characters telling of their connection to each other and the building. So many secrets that seem to have a compelling force that cements them to this decaying place. There is an all out battle between the powerful and wealth couple Richard and Gordana Lemann who have bought the seminary and Marcela who lives in the caretakers cottage, someone they are determined to move out even though her family have lived there for generations. There are mystical happens which have more clout than money as a TV crew witness, while they are filming a sort of fly on the wall documentary following its reconstruction.

The book really transports you back into the 1990’s with so much to recognise but at other times the story seemed quite ageless. Stories begin to unfold from the past that are massively destructive in present day, tragedies and consequences that collide and finally blend all of the chapters before into one. The story couldn’t have gone either backward or forward without each unique interaction.

This is the second book in this series and contains some of the characters from the first book but it read very well on its own, there is also a third book on the horizon too, with more unravelling of these intricate people. There are beautiful sketches throughout the book too, which give substance to the characters, a face, a look and a deep connection. These have real substance, at times quite haunting and beneath each one is a short passage that link them together. These have been produced by the author a very talented lady that connects with her readers at every opportunity. A super idea.

I wish to thank the author for an e-copy of this book which I have honestly reviewed.



Rosa Fedele

‘For me, every painting and every book is a new adventure, started with a thrill of excitement and anticipation.’

Australian author and artist Rosa Fedele, known for her portrait and figurative work, was born in Sydney and studied at the prestigious Julian Ashton Art School. A member of Portrait Artists Australia, Australia’s largest industry association for professional portraitists, her work has been exhibited in NSW Parliament House and Parliament House Canberra, as well as numerous galleries and exhibitions in Australia and worldwide.

Rosa fell avidly in love with books at a very young age. Her favourites were those by C.S. Lewis and Tolkien, and later on Raymond E. Feist, David Eddings, Anne McCaffrey and Frank Herbert; in fact, anything with beautiful and spellbinding words and imagery that would allow her to escape into other worlds.

Her debut novel The Red Door was the fulfilment of a lifelong dream, to interweave a story with pictures and draw the reader into her own bewitching, and slightly dark-edged, world. The next in her illustrated suspense series, THE LEGACY OF BEAUREGARDE, will be released 10 July 2018, stay tuned and follow the hashtag #australiannoir


Website:   Rosa Fedele | Artist | Author

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